Just a Coincidence

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that after just two days of posting “Cardboard Cops” on this blog, I get my first speeding ticket since 1991. Yep, I was ticketed going 40MPH in a 25MPH zone. They were motorcycle cops, well hidden behind bushes and I got nailed. I thought maybe he was just going to tell me to slow down. Hell no, it’s the end of the month and these guys need the money. I don’t care what they say, they have a quota.

I knew that this particular road I was going down is notorious for setups by cops to catch speeders. That is one reason I avoid this particular road. But, my mind must have been elsewhere yesterday because I found myself going down “Speed Trap Ally.” Before I knew it, I was getting motioned over. Oh, and don’t say I should fight it. The system is absolutely setup for them to win. Who is the judge going to listen to, the cop or me? And why should I go to traffic school? I still pay the fine and have to pay for traffic school as well. Insurance rate should not go up since I wasn’t going 15MPH over the limit. For some reason, on the ticket, the officer put 27MPH zone rather than 25MPH zone. I’m not sure why other than to cut me some slack on my insurance. No, I’ll pay the blasted ticket and slow down. I admit I was at fault for speeding. But, damn, $125.00!!! My new name is “Slowpoke David.”


lol! Slowpoke David lol!
sorry about the ticket

Conchita, I'm sorry about the ticket too!!! Thanks for coming by and sharing in my misery. ;-)

oh i bet you are but the name you gave yourself at the end of the post i couldn’t stop laughing.
Very different i felt when reading “Maggie” – Her Story, heartbreaking, then i couldn’t stop crying.
i am reading other posts as well, they are very interesting, thank you.

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