I Miss “The Sopranos”

Sunday nights just aren’t the same without “The Sopranos.” In my opinion, this was one of the finest series, if not the absolute best series in television history. Excellent writing, acting and some of the best lines ever. Who can ever forget Junior saying to Tony, in the doctor’s office, “I got feds so far up my ass, I can smell the brell cream.” It seems like Junior always got the good lines.

I miss Christopher, Paulie and especially Tony. Paulie presented some of the best lines (not fit for a family blog like this one) I have ever heard except for those by Junior. These were people who you hated the way they lived by murder, extortion and threats. Yet, you couldn’t stop watching them in the same respect like a wreck on the highway. You just had to look. I enjoyed it very much. The Sopranos were the only reason I kept HBO. I have now cancelled my subscription to their service. There is just nothing on HBO worth watching any longer. Come to think of it, there isn’t much of anything worth watching on Sunday nights these days.

One thing I could never understand…why were all these beautiful women always after Tony (ok, I admit I was just a tad jealous)? In the real world, I just couldn’t see that happening. Tony wasn’t exactly Brad Pitt. Most everything else on this show was believable to me. The Sopranos broke ground in the same way “All in the Family” did in the early 70’s. There were taboo words, issues, subjects that both delved into on a weekly basis. I think that definitely was a reason for the success of The Sopranos. Tony made that show. His character was well played by James Gandolfini. I had seen Gandolfini in small roles prior to The Sopranos and didn’t remember being impressed by him. He was just made for this role. He made The Sopranos, in my opinion.

I guess one reason I’m making an entry on The Sopranos is I heard on the radio yesterday there is talk in HBO circles of David Chase doing a series called “Sopranos: The Early Years.” I hope this is true (although I have found nothing about it on the internet). But, I seriously doubt it could equal the critical acclaim of “The Sopranos.” I’m not sure any show ever could.


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