I Just Don’t Have Much Luck…

…with women. Since my divorce in 2005, I am now 0 for 5 (or, as a “friend” of mine said, 0 for Alabama).. Saturday night, my girlfriend, or rather, my ex-girlfriend and I decided to call it quits since we don’t see eye to eye on a few things. It basically boiled down to a couple of things. One, she wanted me to move in with her. Been there, done that. It ain’t going to happen again. Two, she started talking marriage after just four months. At age 56, my marrying days are behind me. She is 42 and still wants to try to have a child. I am not interested in starting a family this late in the game of life. Note to self; beware of women who in their 40s who still harbor ideas of having a child. Two of the five I dated after my divorce were really nice and we had some great times together.. I won’t say how old they are since I will be accused of being a dirty old man (well, hell, maybe I am). Ok, since you asked, they were 36 and 38 respectively. The age gap did cause some minor difficulties.. I realized that might be a problem at the outset of dating them both. But, in both cases, it wasn’t the primary reason for the breakup. The remaining two were in their 50s. But, we just didn’t seem to hit it off for whatever reason.

Sometimes I wonder why I even try any longer. I know some will say I am dating women much too young for me. That’s probably correct. But, the women in my age group seem to talk marriage a bit too much (I’m very uncomfortable with that) or that has been my experience so far. I can understand why also. No one wants to be alone as they advance toward Medicare eligibility. Those that are young think they will always be young. I am here to tell you that is not true. When I was 23, I thought I would never get old. Yeah, right. Life changes right around our ear lobes. Most of us don’t hear the difference, such as yours truly. I know I’m getting old(er). The prospect of being alone is not appealing. But, I discovered in my marriage there are some things worse than being alone, like being married to the most complaining, whining, moaning and groaning woman in the western hemisphere. I would rather live in a cave, cut off completely from civilization, than deal with that again in my life.

I guess I’m just going to take a break from dating for a while. I’ll be totally honest with you; there has been only one woman in my life I totally loved with all my heart. Unfortunately, she was killed in an automobile accident many years ago. I’ve never found anyone else even remotely like her. I doubt I ever will. Maybe I should just call it quits with women and accept my fate. Maybe I should. Maybe I will.

Or not.


There is most certainly a country song out there the covers todays post. You should buy it, sulk a while, then go to Wal-Mart. When you get there, go to the fruit section, pick up a melon, squeeze it to check it's freshness. Then buy it, go home, cut the melon open, and eat it. When your done eating, realize that you no longer have a melon. It is then that you will realize how much eating that melon was like dating. Hunting it down, making sure it was the melon you were attracted to, inviting it to your life for a while, consuming it only to remember the sweet taste as there is nothing left to show for it. I know, I'm crazy!

xj, thanks for the laugh! I really needed that. In fact, what you said made sense to me. Maybe we're both crazy.

That's the first time I ever heard the melon analogy and I've been around 58 years too.
Man! A woman is like a melon. Well maybe. In some ways.
I was going along with you on this post until you got to the last part. That truly sucks. Big time.
Sorry to hear it. But there are women out there like that. I know because I found one. She's still with us. And she never complains.

davidlind! Good to see you are back. yeah, that melon analogy gave me a much needed laugh. That was rare. So many double entendres with that melon and women line of thought. But, I won't go there!

Consider yourself a blessed man to have such a wonderful wife, David. I really mean that.

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