Home Invasions

It is no longer safe to be in your home. You’re not even safe in broad daylight. In my city alone, there have been at least two incidents within the past three weeks when people at home were terrorized by criminals. In both cases, their front doors were knocked down. In both cases, it was meth addicts who were responsible. In both cases, it was early afternoon. They were looking for money, jewelry, anything they could get their hands on to support their habit. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt in either incident. But, it shows a growing trend of meth addicts who are becoming more brazen in their attempts to get money for their drug of choice; crystal meth.

They’re not going to wait until you go to bed now. Meth addicts are seriously brain damaged and are capable of doing anything. This is a nationwide problem that is only going to get worse in the future. I now keep a full loaded .357 within easy reach. I also have a .12 gauge shotgun loaded and ready. Home invasions have reached epic proportions due to the growing drug problem. Whatever happened to the war on drugs anyway? Have we waved the white flag?

I’m not advocating that you should keep a fully loaded gun ready for use as I do. I would urge you to think long and hard about keeping a loaded gun if you have children. That’s a decision only parents can make. Such are the times in which we live. But, one thing you can do is get yourself one or two door security bars. They fit snugly under the doorknob and have a non-skid foot. Most are made of stainless steel. You may think a chair will work as well. It will not. A chair would skid out from under the doorknob. Security door bars are relatively cheap and give you an added peace of mind. I have kept one at my front door and one at the back for several years now. You can even get door security bars with alarms that will go off at the slightest push against the doorknob. You can easily find them on ebay or just google the term “door security bars.” Chances are a determined meth or crack addict will keep kicking the door until it becomes unhinged. But, that door security bar will give you a few extra seconds that could mean all the difference in the world to you.


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