Good Old Comcast!!!

I’m not sure how I ever existed without my HD DVR from Comcast now that I am spoiled by it. Just set it up to record a series and you’re done. You can then watch whatever you want on your TV as your leisure. I simply can’t watch network TV any longer. I love the SCI FI Channel. However, they seemingly have five minute intermissions of commercials. I simply lose focus on whatever I’m watching on that channel. With that DVR, I can simply skip the commercials and continue watching.

A few weeks back my HD DVR went on the blink and I had to return it. So, I call the local office to make sure I can return it there or if they had a returns depot somewhere in the city. I was informed I needed to return it to the Comcast office downtown. No problem. I stood in line (one of my absolute favorite pastimes) waiting miserably, listening to a litany of complaints, angry exchanges over billing, and an assortment of the usual stuff one hears about Comcast. As I finally made my way to the ONE window they had open, I presented my DVR and said I needed to exchange it. “Oh…this one isn’t working any longer (God, give me strength)?” Um, no, I have nothing better to do than just stand in line listening to people cuss Comcast all day. No, I didn’t really say that. But, I did think about it. I told her it had gone bad, stopped recording and wanted another. She said, “well, I have to give you back your deposit rental of $15.00.” I didn’t remember making any deposit rental of $15.00. I told her I have always just signed my signature on a Comcast rental agreement and that was it. She insisted that I had paid it or else I would not have gotten the HD DVR. So, I asked her, am I supposed to make another $15.00 rental for the DVR exchange? She looked a bit puzzled by my question. So, I repeated it. It only made sense to me. She said hold on, I’ll be right back. About a minute later she comes back and says, “Yes, you have to make another $15.00 rental for your DVR exchange. It is company policy.” For one thing, I don’t think I ever made a deposit rental for the HD DVR. And, secondly, why not just keep the damn $15.00 you want to pay back to me and apply it to the new DVR I’m going to receive now?

I learned a long time ago not argue with people who don’t have a clue about what they are doing. With that in mind, I let the Comcast Customer Rep give me the $15.00 deposit fee and I in turn had to give it back. People behind me were as bewildered as I was. This is the cable company I have to deal with for HD channels and a broadband connection. They are pathetic.

Tuesday, I got a bill from Comcast demanding the $15.00 for the DVR exchange I should have paid when I turned in the old one. Hahaha. Luckily for me, I made the customer rep give me a receipt (she said it wasn’t necessary now…where do they get these people?). I simply can’t wait to go down there today.


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