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Regulars here may have noticed I no longer have any ads on my blog. I’ve had everything from Adsense, to Adbrite to Widgetbucks. I made money off some and nothing off of others. The one I made the most money on was Claxon. I wasn’t making enough for that dream vacation to Hawaii. But, enough to pay for breakfast at the local restaurant I frequent (or did until they fired my favorite waitress).

The reason I dropped Claxon was no matter what “campaign” I subscribed to, there would be porn involved in the banner. Plus, they are not very customer friendly as I found out (no email or voice phone, just fax number). I was not aware of the porn until someone took the time to look at my profile and email me. I tried to work with the company in question on how to opt out of the porn images completely. They advised me on how to do it (they really need to work on their customer service skills). Nothing worked. I tried every combination. So, I was faced with the choice to either lose the little moola that I was gaining daily (and increasing each week) or continue to allow the porn images to periodically be shown on my blog. I didn’t want to lose the readership that I have gained over the past couple of months either (although they strangely don’t comment very much…come on folks, don’t be shy). Plus, I just don’t have any use for porn. Most of it is just totally disgusting (without going into particulars). I think I may have lost some readers as a result of that banner that flashed at the top of my blog. So, just to be on the safe side, I deleted all of the ads here, including Adbrite (which was showing some “get rich” schemes which I detest). I wasn’t making anything off of them anyway.

I may once again put ads here in the future. I have even been advised to put a “Paypal Donation” button on here. That seems too much like begging to me. But, for right now, I’m a little ad gun-shy after the experience with Claxon. So, no ads for a while. I’m not doing this to make money. It’s fun and an outlet for my wannabe writing skills


I have often thought to stop and comment about your lack of ads but did not wish to appear self serving.

However,since it is your own topic,will you please indulge me a moment?

This just happens to be my niche in the cyber world,that of reviewing and testing the great many AdSense Alternatives

Of course,my first advise to any Blogger is never to use AdSense-who owns this blog,and entices users to use them and then sets a ridiculous high payout figure only in the hope of finding a fault,real or perceived,and then canceling the person and keeping all earnings-a thing they do successfully thousands of times per month.So I first suggest you get your own domain to publisher your Muse,you will be able to attract higher paying advertisers.

If you insist on staying with Blogspot as your publisher instead of going to your own domain,then the very best for you is BidVertiser and then to also place the product ads of WidgetBucks.

Those are by no means the only ones suitable for you,and it all depends on how much income you seek,and how you market you blog,but they should be very suitable for you.

However,if you have other blogs and or websites,then my advise may be different,but they are the ones I would use if this was my own site.

I would be pleased to answer any and all questions or concerns you may have,feel free to contact me from my profile or the contact links on any of my many AdSense Alternatives review sites

Good Luck and Good Fortune to you and Yours.

my recommendations are all guaranteed 100% porn free

I appreciate you coming by with your advice. It is greatly appreciated. I hope you will see this comment here. I did not notice a comment section on your site.

I will eventually made the move to my own domain. I have only been in the blogging world about 2 1/2 months and I have seen my Alexa ranking go from about 7.3 mill to the present ranking of about 822K. Hard work has paid off. But, back to my own domain...I'm a little intimidated about transferring everything from here to another domain right now. Plus, there is the whole issue of my URL. I am not sure how I will handle that. I have hundreds of search engines and directories with this URL.

As for Adsense...that was a big, big mistake by me. It was basically a joke. I have tried widget bucks and made nothing off of them at all. I will give bidvertiser a try eventually. I read it and it does sound good to have advertisers bid for unused space on your blog. Right now, I think I'm just going to take a timeout with advertising. I'm still pissed at Claxon and not just for the damn porn images placed on my blog. It just seems to me that PPC is not the wave of the future. I'm sure you'll tell me I'm wrong on that. But, it just seems people ignore ads in the way people tune out commercials on TV or radio. Just my opinion.

Hope you come back sometime. I would love for you to make a guest article on here about your topic of adsense alternatives. One of the objectives of my blog is to help people out. Your niche is certainly a very good one to have.

Sorry you missed my comment link,it is not in the normal place for such a link,I shall have to move it.
In the right sidebar about a third of the way down you will find a link that says YOUR OPINION COUNTS!
YOUR THOUGHTS&COMMENTS and my email may be found from my blogger profile or from the Contact Us link of my website.

I read your blog almost daily and as such would very much be interested in writing an article for you and perhaps sharing more of my research and knowledge.

I can also help you with your questions about your own domain etc.It is indeed quite possible to bring your material with you and to re-direct the SE's.

This is hardly the way to plan these sort of things so feel free to comment leaving your info or contact me. .

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