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Alexa, You Are So Beautiful!

Well, I finally did it. I broke the million mark on Alexa today. I was just doing a little work in layout, saved it and looked at my blog. Lordy, I looked at the little Alexa icon in the left sidebar and did a double take. It was less than a million (although it did change back to 1,153,00 temporarily when I reloaded)! I thought my eyes were playing jokes on me. But, I went to the Alexa web site, and made sure there was no mistake. Yep, she has me ranked at 988,690! Shocked, I tell you, shocked!!!

I started out ranked 7.3 million (I think…might have been less). I don’t know how Alexa establishes ranking for a blog or web site that is just starting out. Maybe they are somewhat arbitrary in nature in ranking sites that have just been established. I have no idea. I just know I am surprised this morning.

For the past two months, I have submitted my blog URL and title to countless free directories and search engines. It may have been hundreds of each. I make a blog entry every day (I think I missed two days in April around the time of the death of my best friend…but that is it). I make posts through Blogrush on other blogs at least once a day. I have seen my traffic improve from about 10-15 hits a day to over 500! My Feedburner subscription has gone from 2, two months ago, to 30 just this week. I was also advised to add the Alexa icon to my site a few weeks back. That has had an effect also. I didn’t realize so many people even read blogs. Anyway, after I get through the first three months, I plan to start taking weekends off. But, I want to get one-hundred posts indexed on Google. I am about twenty-three away from that score. It’s been hard work. But, it has been fun work at the same time.

I know a lot of you bloggers of many years are giving a collective yawn about now. That’s ok. Less than a million is big news to me. I did it in slightly more than two months. I don’t know if that is normal or not. It may be that this less than a million mark is insignificant. But, it isn’t insignificant to me! I didn’t think I would ever see it. As for Google; I don’t expect to ever see a page rank from them. Google is very restrictive it seems. But, I don’t really care about Google. I just like his significant other; Alexa!

Now, on to the 500, 000 mark!


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