Tuesday’s Rambling Thoughts

Why is it so difficult for people to use their car’s turn signals? If they have a disability, I can understand (although I’m sure there is a way for disabled people to be able to do this). I can’t tell you the number of times I have gotten behind people to suddenly see brake lights and then they just run right. It seems to be the same no matter what town, city, state or region of the country you are driving.

Vanity, vanity all the world is vanity. Vanity has to be he only reason Hillary continues to stay in the race. She doesn’t have a snow ball’s chance to win the nomination. So, why does she continue? Vanity and pride. I suspect Hillary will discover pride cometh before the fall very soon. And she is headed for a very long fall. The odds on favorite to win the Democratic nomination and she is forced to “loan” herself more money to keep her campaign afloat. For the second time this year, I might add. Hillary, the party’s over. It’s time for you to get back representing the people of New York. Both senators have mediocre records in their collective short times in office. I never could see the buzz about them. Of course, I’m sure John McCain wishes there was some buzz around his campaign. Not only do Democrats hate him, but there are large numbers of Republicans who hate him as well. I’ll go on record as saying Senator Obama will become the next President of the United States. God help us.

Gas prices. They are continuing to go up and tempers are starting to flare all over the country. There is not a shortage. Speculators are driving this rise along with the dwindling power of the dollar. I see $5.00/gallon gas before the end of the year. If that happens, we’ll go into a depression, not a recession. I’m not sure how much more pressure the economy can sustain from rising gas prices. I fear we are headed into some dark times.

To the cook at O’Charleys who couldn’t understand why I wanted steak sauce with my ribeye; I’m sorry you were fired. Maybe next time you won’t make an issue of what a customer wants or doesn’t want. I paid for the steak with my money. I don’t recall asking you to pay for my meal. I’m truly sorry the manager let you go last Saturday for showing your ass like you did. But, you have no one to blame but yourself. It seems you took it personally. I ALWAYS use steak sauce on my steak. You couldn’t understand why someone would want steak sauce with the ribeye you had just seasoned and broiled. I think you understand now. It turned into an argument where there really shouldn’t have even been an argument. I’m still mystified by your actions. There’s no figuring some folks out.

Home owners insurance. I’m not sure if being a homeowner is worth it any longer. Home owner’s insurance on the gulf coast is soaring. I’m not paying over $1800.00 a year much longer. Once the new German steel mill opens up, I’m putting this place on the market.

With all the moaning and groaning about the high cost of living; how trivial it seems in comparison to the natural disasters in Myanmar and China. At least 10,000 dead in China’s earthquake and numbers approaching 100,000 in Myanmar. What is it with the Myanmar government? It’s a military junta that is going to be blamed for not accepting aid when offered. People will just take so much before they rise up in protest. That is, those that have the strength left to protest. This is turning out to be a disaster of biblical proportions.

It’s love bug season on the gulf coast. Millions and millions of these insects, entangled in their own love making, are covering cars, trucks and any other vehicle on the roads. Windshields are painted black with their remains and radiators overheat due to the number clogging up air vents. This will last for about two or three weeks. The May invasion is just a tuneup. It is in September when they launch their all out attack. They don’t disappear until we get the first good cold snap of autumn.

Finally, I’m still waiting on my stimulus check from the government. I don’t see this as being anything more than a band aid attempt at a large hemorrhage of an economic wound. Thanks W. Like father, like son. Yes, I intend to make good use of the check…to pay off my car insurance. I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth either.


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