Tuesday’s Rambling Thoughts – May 27, 2008

Don’t people know gas prices are skyrocketing and we will be at a national average of about $4.00/gallon in two weeks or less? You wouldn’t know it by the number of people at nearby beaches and parks yesterday. Gulf Shores was, quite literally, wall to wall people. Parks? Good luck trying to find an RV hookup if you own one. It was unbelievable. There were signs, however, the gas crunch is having an effect. I noticed that most tags were from the state of Alabama, and MS, with a few Florida tags mixed in for good measure. I saw two state tags from GA, one from either North Carolina or South Carolina. But, that was basically it. Few out of state people this year. I do believe this is going to be a summer that is a disaster for people that depend upon tourism to make a living. Florida is going to get hit hard.

Continuing on about Memorial Day…in yesterday’s newspaper, there was an article on the last known U.S. WWI veteran who was honored during celebrations in Kansas City, Mo., Sunday. 107 years young Frank Woodruff Buckles lied about his age in 1917 so he could enlist in the U.S. Army after being rejected as being too young by the Navy and Marine Corp. After basic training, Mr. Buckles sailed for England aboard a ship called the Carpathia. I’m sure that ship’s name has a ring of familiarity to you. Just hit the link. Mr. Buckles saw no combat. Regardless, it is amazing there is even one veteran who is still living from a war that ended in 1919. Eventually, there will be a time when there is an “only known WWII veteran.” I weep for that day. Not to take anything away from the doughboys of the “War to end Wars.” But, the “Greatest Generation” will always carry a special place in my heart for deposing of a menace determined to destroy the world. God Bless you Frank!

I made a blog entry several weeks back about my losing weight from 242lbs to 195. For about a month I have gone, week to week, 195 to 198 and back to 195. I seem to be stuck here. I exercise regularly and try to watch what I eat. I admit, I don’t starve myself as I did when I started dieting about two years ago. Still, I watch what I eat. There will be days when I will eat a steak (like Sunday) and indulge in chocolate once in a great while.

Hillary Clinton. I think there’s nothing I can add after her incomprehensible, politically stupid remark about the RFK assassination. Verdict? She’s toast. Have fun back in the Senate with all those Democratic Senators waiting to embrace you with love and warmth.

John McCain. So, Johnny, after winning a tough fight for the Republican nomination, you get back to your roots. He started embracing “comprehensive immigration reform” again after saying throughout the campaign “he got the message” from voters. Apparently, he didn’t get the message because he’s back to his old remarks of “we need to show these people compassion.” I’m not buying the excuses from his campaign that he “worded it wrong.” No, he was just John McCain being John McCain. John…how about a little compassion for the people who pay for the illegals in this country to get free medical care, food stamps and other social services? American taxpayers are funding these programs with money deducted from their paycheck each week. When you start showing some of that “compassion” to taxpayers, people might actually believe you are a Republican instead of a Democrat in Republican clothing. Verdict? He’s semi-toast. Johnny, we hardly knew ye.

Barrack Obama. Really, he needs a nickname, like “Teflon Obama.” Nothing negative sticks to him. A lot of it has to do with a savvy bunch of political machine experts who are deflecting the arrows away. However, and let’s be honest here, some or maybe even a lot of it has to do with the news media treating him with kid gloves. The news media is biased. They have way too much influence in American politics. Sure, they half-heartedly reported Rev. Wright’s racist tirade. But, as suddenly as it appeared, it again disappeared from the national headlines. Twice. Wonder why that is? I’m not sure how you can keep them from doing this. Verdict? Hello President Obama. This is going to be an interesting four years.

Temperatures are heating up on the gulf coast. Mid-May brings us 90+ degree heat and it will rarely dip below 90 until about mid-September. Power bills should be a joy this year. Last year I paid the first $300.00 power bill of my life in August. It should be much worse this year. I don’t know how people on fixed incomes or minimum wage can make it.

Finally, Sunday, while throwing the mini-Frisbee to my 10-week old beagle, Ralph, I accidentally threw it over my wooden planked fence. As I started toward the gate, the Frisbee came sailing BACK! Ralph looked at me as if to ask, “Is this a new trick, David? If it is, it’s a good one.” Picking up the Frisbee to make sure it had not turned into a boomerang, I threw it back over the fence. Within 10 seconds, it came flying back! Well, I had to see what was on the other side of the fence. Sure enough, it was a 10 year old neighbor’s kid who was tadpole fishing in the drainage ditch behind my house (why Ralph didn’t pick up on him being there, I will never know). Laughing, he said the first time, it hit him on the head. So, he just threw it back to see my reaction. He got the reaction he wanted judging by his laughter. I guess the joke was on me…and Ralph.


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