Job Opportunities Update

I have in previous blog entries given information about all the job opportunities available in Mobile, AL to those who are interested and really want to work. I have mentioned the gigantic air tanker contract awarded to Northrop Grumman/EADS to be built in Mobile that is currently being contested by Boeing. The GAO will issue a final decision on June 19th. We are expecting a favorable ruling. Also mentioned is the 3.7 billion dollar ThyssenKrupp steel plant being built in Mobile County. This is a massive undertaking and one that will eventually cause 50-75K temporary construction jobs. There will be approximately 2700 permanent high paying jobs at what will be the world’s most modern steel manufacturing facility.

Those who have skills such as electrician, pipefitter, instrument tech, and other skilled maintenance positions can make $30.00/hr. That’s pretty good money. Production workers can earn up to $25.00/hr. Some of the people hired for permanent positions will travel to ThyssenKrupp facilities in Germany to receive additional hands on experience. I can’t emphasize enough how big an opportunity this is for someone just starting out or someone not satisfied with their current status somewhere else.

The second round of applying for these jobs at ThyssenKrupp began yesterday. You may now apply at Alabama Industrial Development Training web site. Just hit the link I provided. ThyssenKrupp is advertising around the nation for applicants. The jobs are here or are going to be here very soon. We just need applicants. If you don’t have all the information you need by hitting the above link for AIDT, click on the Mobile Chamber of Commerce link I have provided. If you still need more info, leave a comment here and I will find out for you or contact someone who can help you. Timing is everything. You need to apply now.

One final thing; you MUST be a U.S. citizen or legal U.S. resident to apply for these jobs. This goes for any temporary contractor or sub-contractor positions. A satellite station setup by the Border Patrol will be within a half-mile of the current steel mill construction site. Contractors found to have illegal immigrants in their work force will be dismissed immediately. Illegal immigrants found on the construction site will be detained by site security (they will be deputized to make that legal) to be turned over to Border Patrol officers for processing. I think that’s all that needs to be said on that issue at this time.

Again, apply today or as soon as you can. Good luck!


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