There was a topic on another blog earlier this week concerning “human rights”. I suppose I haven’t been paying attention. If this is Human Rights Week, I apologize in advance for not even being aware of the focus on this issue this week. The poster in question made some salient points about this country not honoring human rights even when we are subjected to something less than human rights by our adversaries. This country has always been that way or, at least, tried to respect the rights of everyone. That all changed on September 11, 2001.

The United States of America was attacked by Muslim fundamentalists on 9-11-01. There was dancing in the streets by Palestinians, Saudis, Egyptians and others in the Middle East. I remember it well. I also remember those jet airliners crashing into both buildings of the World Trade Center. I tried to temper my hatred for Muslims. But, it’s been very difficult. Very difficult. Which brings us to the point of this blog entry; Guantanamo Bay Detention Center. It’s odd…we are supposedly torturing this people. Yet, they are all gaining weight, are given special privileges to practice their religion, the same religion that is supposedly “peaceful”. They get free medical care and defense counsel, courtesy of the American people. The same people they are sworn to kill. What’s wrong with this picture?

I have no sympathy for those detained at Gitmo. None. My sympathy lies with the 3000 murdered on 9-11 and their families. My sympathy lies with the innocent people killed at Mosul by a former Gitmo detainee who was released in 2005. This bombing happened just last week! To those of you complaining about our abuse, our jaundiced eye to human rights for the Gitmo detainees; get over yourselves. These people want to kill you. They want to decapitate you and everyone in your family. Now, the so-called Muslim moderates (and just where is their condemnation of these Islamic zealots? I’m still waiting), say we are discriminating against them because of our alleged bigotry toward their religion. How would you feel if Christians commandeered four jet airliners and killed 3000 Muslims? Just judging from the suicide bombers in Tel Aviv, I think we know the answer.

If it takes water boarding or any other form of torture to prevent another 9-11, how can you be against that? How can you be against avoiding a dirty bomb attack that could kill approximately one-million Americans? Will your stand on human rights still be worth it? Will you join in with Amnesty International and call on the USA for restraint in retaliation? Guess what? Even if Senator Obama is elected President, there will be massive retaliation. If he wimps out (which is entirely possible), he’ll have the matter taken out of his hands. There could even be a coup by the Joint Chiefs of Staff if the President doesn’t act decisively and swiftly. Don’t laugh. A coup almost happened once before in this country.

It is a shame we have to fight the Muslim fundamentalists on their level. It’s a shame we have to send detainees to Jordan to have information “extracted” from them. We have to sink to their level to fight them. During the Vietnam War, we did exactly that with the Phoenix Program. We engaged in Viet Cong tactics of assassinating, capture and torture, intimidation, and just general harassment of Viet Cong sympathizers in the villages of South Vietnam. Phoenix was a resounding success and had the VC and North Vietnamese government on the ropes of defeat. Lucky for them, they had at least one U.S. senator who stood up for their “human rights”. He helped forge a bill to eliminate the Phoenix Program that had proved so successful by the CIA and other intelligence agencies. That senator later ran for president on the Democratic ticket and lost. But, the damage was done. Thousands more American soldiers died because of our concern for “human rights” of our enemies.

We are at war. We had war declared on us by attacks on our embassies in Africa during the Clinton Administration and the first attack on the WTC. But, we ignored them. It’s unfortunate we have to use torture to extract intelligence from these Gitmo detainees in order to protect America. But, that is what happens in war. You do what you have to do. You fight to win. If we don’t win, Western Civilization as we know it will come to an end. Then we will all be under the thumb of domination by these Muslim fundamentalists. The good news is that you won’t have to worry about human rights under these people. The bad news is you won’t have any human rights. In fact, you may not have the right to even live.

Think about that during “Human Rights Week.”


I always cry when i saw guantanamo.. make me so sad...

I always cry when I watch those videos of September 11, 2001 of jet airliners crashing into the World Trade Center. Thousands of innocent men, women and, yes, children were killed that day. That always makes me cry.

Civilized behaviour is lost when men stoop to torture fellow human beings. Kidnapping and torture! Everyone (except the kidnapper) knows that infomaton given under duress, and in this case torture,is useless. Men are held for years now without benefit of a trial, and in breech of international law. It's wrong, it's savage and no amount of 'justifying' will make it right.

We are not the people stooping to torturing and then decapitating our prisoners. We are not the people flying jet airliners into skyscrapers. These men, if they should be given defense counsel, should be tried for war crimes. Civilized behavior? Tell those families in NYC about civilized behavior. Tell the families of the 22 people killed in Mosul by a Gitmo detainee who was released. Civilized behavior begins by treating everyone the same, regardless of race, color, or religion. Muslim fanatics have yet to realize that.

These "men" are detainess captured fighting US troops. They are not entitled to trial. We did not start this war, Anne. In case you forgot, it was these "men" who started it first. We will end it, one way or another.

I find it remarkable your defense of thse "men" and little in the way of defending their actions against humanity. Just consider, Anne, if you were in their Muslim society, you'd be less than human. How do you feel about that?

I totally agree with you and with the U.S. government in detaining those men in Guantanamo Bay. Even if they didn't actively take part during 9-11, they're still followers of the Islamic Extremists, just waiting for orders from their leaders before carrying out more attacks our on soil and on our citizens. Fortunately they were captured before more attacks were carried out.

Excellent post, David. No one likes torture, no one likes war, despite what the far left would have you believe. But when war is waged you must fight that war to win it. If you can win it easily, as we did in Iraq I and II (against the Iraqi army) then you have no use for torture. But when you fight an enemy who's main weapon against you is terror, and their tactics are to torture their prisoners, then you fight that way as well, if it is how you must fight in order to WIN the war.

I'll never understand why people don't get this. It would be a wonderful world if we never had to go to war again, but we all know that will never happen. Therefore, in order to protect our way of life, which is the best in the world, we must fight each war with one goal - TOO WIN. If you take a knife to a gun fight you will end up with bullet holes, and if you fight a terror war with niceties and proper etiquette you will end up dead!

tashabud, every country on the face of this earth has the right to defend itself. If we allow these detainees to leave, our troops will be facing them again, as you plainly stated. Thank you for your comment.

Matt, I'm not sure why the left doesn't comprehend the full meaning of what we face with these Muslim fanatics. I doubt there are many people that approve of torture of any human being. However, these are not ordinary enemies and these are extraordinary times in which we live. As with the Nazis, we face an enemy who's main focus is to subjugate us or wipe us off the face of the earth. The matter of "Human Rights" will be a moot point at that juncture. I don't understand why that is so difficult to see and comprehend. As I told Anne, she would be considered something less than human in the eyes of these Muslim fanatics because she is a woman. I can't see why she can't at least see that. Thanks for stopping by with your views on this issue. I'll make my post on the REAL human rights issue, trafficking of children, later this week.

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