The Great Shame

Since my entry into the blogging world (April 5th, 2008, a day that has no memory), I have had the opportunity to “meet” a few people and read some really quality blogs. One of those people and one of those blogs is Matt at “Matt – Speak”. It is quite the excellent blog, if he doesn’t mind me putting in a plug for him. Very well thought out and a blog I’m sure you would enjoy. Matt had a most enlightening entry last week entitled, “We Matter! Who’s Looking Out For Us?,” in honor of Human Rights Week. In his blog entry, he spoke quite candidly about the worldwide problem of child trafficking, prostitution and pornography. He did all that quite well. You should read it and realize our focus, in regard to human rights, should be with children. There should be less focus on the murderous and genocidal Muslim fanatics housed at Gitmo.

Now, I call your attention to those little hands in the upper right. Take a good look at them. Just a complete guess, I’m saying that baby is less than two weeks or even two days old. This pic was taken from an abused child site. Let that thought run through you mind for a moment. This reminded me of the heroin addicted “father” in 2003 who beat his two week old son to death with his bare hands not far from where I live. The baby’s crime? It was crying…and wouldn’t stop. I remember watching the policeman weeping as he and a paramedic worked in vain to revive the baby…and I noticed those little lifeless hands of his out to the side of his body. It just literally crushed me.

Keep looking at those little hands. It’s hard, I know, but keep looking up there at them. Those could be the hands of a skilled surgeon some day. Or possibly a concert pianist. Possibly the hands of a research scientist who could find a cure for cancer or some other dreaded disease of mankind. Now, with your focus still on those little hands…imagine them lifeless…imagine them the only place on that baby that doesn’t have a cigarette burn or have a broken bone from abusive parents. These little hands will never see a first day of school. Or a first date. Or a first romance. Or a first born with those same little hands.

While your mind continues to dwell on those little hands, consider some of these stats; the vast majority of child abuse cases never come to the attention of law enforcement. Four children die every day as a result of child abuse and three out of four of those children are under four years old.
A report of child abuse is made every 4 seconds in this
Of the reported rapes of children under 12, 90% knew the
Child abuse occurs at every socio-economic level, across all
ethnic lines.
Children who have been sexually abused are 2.5 time more
likely to abuse Alcohol and 3.8 times more likely to become
addicted to drugs.

One-third of abused children will, in turn, abuse their own
79% of the children killed due to abuse or under age 4.

There is from the 2006 report of the National Center on Child Abuse Prevention. Disgusted yet?

Here are some things you can do to help, especially if you are a teacher, nurse or just someone who has daily contact with the public in your job. !. Unexplained cuts, bruises or welts in the shape of an object. 2. Bite marks. There should NEVER be a bite mark on a child, especially an adult bite mark. 3. A child exhibiting anti-social behavior. If a child refuses to participate in group activities at school, consider trying to find out why he or she will not. 4. Problems in school. Loud outbursts, fights, poor grades. Again, check into this and find out what is underneath the child’s school problems. 5. Fear of adults. I shouldn’t have to explain this one.

We dwell on the media driven frenzy of Human Rights Week, the Guantanamo Detention Saints, the cost of gas, what Hannah Montana concert tickets cost and refuse to acknowledge a near holocaust of abused children right here in this country. It’s happening every day of the week. It is the vastly unreported shame this country and every country in the world must share together. Human rights? Let’s have a week, a month, a year bringing focus on the human rights of abused children throughout the world. Bring focus on the innocent, the defenseless and most abused of God’s Creation; children.

How about the human rights of this child here on the left? How many times was she beaten to receive the blackened, swollen eyes? This pic is from an article of over thirty years ago published in (of all magazines) Hustler Magazine. Where it was published is irrelevant. I guess I should have warned you they were extremely graphic in nature. Are you disgusted? Are you nauseated? If yes...good. What do you think ever happened to this child? Did she grow up? Where is she now? Did she get married and have a happy life? What are the chances she grew up and abused children of her own? What are the chances she even made it into her teenage years? Think about this the next time the media starts in on one of their favorite “weeks”. Or favorite months. Child Awareness Week should be 52 weeks a year.

If you feel sickened by some of the photos linked or even posted here…good. Do something constructive with that sickening feeling you have now. Even if it’s to make a donation. Do something, anything to help the children who are suffering…in silence. You may think I am just one person, what can I do? You can act, you can concentrate on what you see or hear just right in your neighborhood. You can participate in volunteer organizations for abused children in your city. I’m taking that advice also. No longer will I stand by when I know I can do something. I am going to focus on children’s “human rights.” I’ll let the media continue their love affair with human rights for those who torture and decapitate.

The start of a long journey begins with the first step, ladies and gentlemen. You, me, we all can make a difference. Just do…something. Baby steps…baby steps…baby steps.



I agree. Horrible, horrible and heart breaking.
That's why my post regarding G. Bay focused on the fact that children are held there. The youngest was 11 years-old, I think. Still a baby in my eyes.

David, what a powerful post. You really hit the mark with this one. Yes, it is shocking and graphic, but it must be! Words and news accounts, alone, do not even begin to describe what is happening to some children in the world.
I used to work with a guy who, with his wife, fostered abused children in their home until permanent residences could be secured....some of the the things those children endured at the hands of their own parents and relatives would curdle your blood. It made me sick.

You are so right about baby steps. It always starts out slow, but momentum is a wonderful thing. One by one by one we can begin to get the ball rolling, and then when it does we will really see progress in preventing and stamping out this pathetic abuse of defenseless chidren.

Thanks for your post, David, and thanks so much for the wonderful plug and link to my post. This is a start. Is anyone else reading to join the fight?

aimeepalooza, my post on your blog was not meant to be antagonistic in any way. Most rational people do not like to see human beings tortured. I just think children have a higher priority than those at Gitmo. I had no idea about the 11 year old. Someone needs to explain that one. Thanks for your comment.

Matt, thanks for coming by. This is something that I have meant to do since I started this blog. Your post last week was all the incentive I needed. I hope people reading this will take heed of what is happening in this country. Children are being exploited in ways that are too vulgar to speak of in this blog. Bloggers like to think they are a powerful group together with one voice. Well, here is an opportunity to raise our voices LOUD and CLEAR so those fools in DC will hear us.

Thanks for stopping by and your comments.

David, I just added a link to your post on my post. Hopefully, we can start something really good. Thanks, again. Matt

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