It’s Been a Tough Week

I guess I’ve had worse weeks in my life. In fact, I’m sure of it. From losing loved ones in my family to being without a job to signing papers on my divorce. But, this one has to rank in the top five of worst weeks in my life.

It started off with losing my best friend since I was 16 years old, Barry. That was devastating to me. I got the news late Sunday afternoon and was just absolutely shocked and amazed. I should have expected it because Barry had been in declining health for several years. But, it was still a shock to me.

Then I get some unwanted news Wednesday from my pest control inspector. While making his quarterly termite inspection, he finds termites in the southwest corner of my living room. I did not even notice the bits of tell-tale dust that they leave behind. He said that the entire section of that corner, approximately five feet high and five feet wide will have to be replaced. Expected cost? About $12K. Fortunately, I bought the added termite insurance package that will cover me. I almost didn’t buy it. The bad thing about it, I will have workers in and out of the house for about 2-3 days and I will have to be here when they are working.

Tuesday, after coming back from Barry’s funeral, I turned on my cell phone to find a message had been left for me from an old flame back in college. She gave me the news she had developed lung cancer and was to begin immediate chemotherapy. For years people had tried to talk her into giving up cigarettes. She has given them up now. Unfortunately, it may be too late.

And to end the week, after taking my 2006 Honda Civic for it’s 5000 mile interval scheduled maintenance yesterday, they found another busted seal leaking fluid from the power steering pump. That is three busted seals and may come under the Alabama Lemon Law. I have had numerous problems with this car. Honda is noted for not only having great gas mileage, but for being dependable as well. That is why I traded in my ’04 Jeep Liberty gas guzzler for this car. In addition to the power steering problems, I have had a battery give up the ghost three months after buying the car. Trim work along the dashboard started coming lose and had to be replaced. I had problems with the automatic transmission where it started trying to skip second gear. They had to keep the car for a week to correct that. Of course, I was covered for all the above due to the warranty. I’m starting to think not getting that extended warranty might have been a mistake.

Maybe next week will be better.


You know David, these things you talk about as a tough week, is nothing in comparison to what is coming to this world.

We are living in the final days on earth and sudden destruction is about to break upon the earth.

Is your heart and soul ready for this? Do you have the life of Christ living in your heart to be able to stand in this day??

You can visit our website and read about the current events. http://www.strongcity.info

danielle, to begin, I would like to thank you for coming to "David's Musings" and posting your comment. I hope you'll come back someday.

Having said that, my blog entry was not made to elicit a response on my relationship with God. That is a very personal thing between me and the Creator(Mat 6:6). Trying to determine whether I am ready for the End Days is not something I would willingly share with someone on an internet blog or someone I just met on the street.

I appreciate your sincerity and I know you meant well. God Bless you and have a great day.

Hello again David,

That is just fine that you don't want to share those things. I respect that. I was just wanting to let you know what is coming to this earth very quickly.


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