The Initial Post

Hello everyone!

This is something I have contemplated for several months. But, due to my own lack of self-confidence and perhaps my own procrastination, I am now only setting up my own blog. I am under no illusions as to what will transpire here. I will try and just give my own thoughts on different subjects, whether they be political, religious or of a personal nature. I think, at least for the time being, the latter will be the order of the day.

First, a little about me. I am of the baby boom generation at 56 years of age. I'm on disability retirement from the US federal government due to an injury suffered while performing my duties. I'm recently divorced and am still suffering (somewhat) from the lingering effects of that event in my life. I'm not sure how people can marry and divorce more than once. It has really adversely affected me in my relationships with women and just people in general. But, it did show me something I didn't know...I found out the people who truly cared about me (more about that in a later blog entry). I have a college degree in accounting that I've never really utilized. I probably never will since I hated accounting. Don't ask me why I continued with it, I honestly don't know why. I am a Vietnam era veteran. I served in the U.S. Navy and was "volunteered" for riverboat duty or "swiftboat" duty as it is commonly referred to. I have been all over the world. There aren't many countries I haven't been to at one time or another. I saw apartheid in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I saw the chilling effects of terrorism two weeks after the Munich Olympics in 1972. I am often told I'm an easy going guy, laid back to a fault. But, I am firm in my convictions. If I am confident I am right on a subject, there probably isn't much chance I will be swayed. But, that is rare. I am quite open to different viewpoints.

I hope to give personal views on subjects in later blog entries. It probably won't be to the point that others are in this vast and ever-changing enterprise. But, I think I will be fairly consistent. I look forward to hearing from you all in the future.


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