Ghost Hunters: Sci Fi Channel

I had been a casual observer of this series on the Sci Fi Channel up until about a year ago. Now, I’m hooked. Not that I seriously believe in ghosts, spirits, etc. I’ve never personally encountered such. My grandfather considered himself somewhat a spiritualist. He said he had encounters with spirits and so forth. I never believed it. But, he had some mighty convincing “ghost stories” that he related to me many years ago. If the comments on this entry warrant it, I will share some of those stories.

Anyway, “Ghost Hunters” supposedly approach all their cases as skeptics which is what attracted me to the series. I am also a skeptic. I admit I have had situations in the past that I was unable to explain logically. But, as I said above, I never have had any encounters with “ghosts”. As for the series Ghost Hunters, have you ever noticed how all the really serious encounters are just slightly off camera? I find that remarkable and somewhat disingenuous. I can’t help but question the “scientific electronic equipment” the Ghost Hunters utilize to document their findings. Just how scientific is this equipment? I know they question their finds themselves, which speaks well of TAPS overall. But, that leads me to another finding I have made.

Have you noticed the new cast member, Kris Williams? Now, beside the fact she is attractive and well-built (ok, I’m 56 years old, but I’m not dead…I am still attracted to a good looking woman), she seemed a bit too…professional to me. So, I did a little research and lo and behold, Kris Williams is an actress. A D-list actress, but an actress nevertheless. Too me, this somewhat compromises the impartiality of the entire program. I mean, it’s a nice gig for Kris since her career seems to be going nowhere. But, I can’t see myself ever looking at Ghost Hunters as being the professional skeptics as they once were for some reason. It just seems the TAPS crew has forsaken their credibility in order to get ratings for their series. Still, I’ll keep watching the series if for no other reason than to watch Kris Williams.


Maybe they just need someone who can really get their points out there for them.
I am not an actor and if I did what she is doing nobody would watch the show. It's like blogging in a way. You have to have an attractive blog or you don't have a ghost of a chance.

But, do you really think having an unknown actress (attractive though she be) is the one you want to get your message out? I really felt they would find someone who is more of a skeptic than they are. Someone who is more impartial than the two founds of TAPS. It is TAPS selling out for the ratings, plain and simple.

By the way, nice photo blog you have there. Obviously, you know all about having an attractive blog.

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