Comments on the Presidential Race

The race for President of the United States has become one of the most bitter (yes, Senator Obama, I'm one of those bitter average Joes you spoke so eloquently about) in my lifetime. I don't remember the Nixon-JFK fight that much. But, I'm told that was one for the ages. The Democratic nomination process has degenerated into a smear campaign by the "change" candidate, Senator Obama and the "experienced" candadate, Senator Hillary Clinton, who I detest with every fiber of my being.

As I have stated previously, I consider myself an independent who will vote for the man or woman and not the party. I do lean more to right of center. Consequently, I find myself voting more in line with the Republicans than I do Democrats. However, I have voted with the Democrats on numerous occasions when it dealt with environmental issues, capital punishment and several other issues. Initially, I found myself enthralled with Senator Obama. I am thinking this is a man who can bring change to this country. He is the "new" JFK. That is what I believed up until he started showing his true colors (no pun intended).

Senator Obama had a chance to break away from a racist minister and would not do it. While he condemned the racist rantings of alleged Pastor Wright, he did not come outright and break away from his pastor. Are we to believe this is the only time in 20 years Senator Obama had ever heard racist views from this alleged pastor in church service or in private? Surely, he doesn't think we are that gulliable. I don't want to call the man a liar. But, he seems to be stretching the truth in Bill Clinton "I didn't inhale" terminology. Senator Obama had a chance to prove himself a potential President of ALL the people. He failed miserably on this count.

Now, we get a glimpse of his elitist background in a speech to some private millionaires in San Francisco. We hear, and I quote,"(T)hey get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." Senator Obama was speaking about a huge voting majority, Middle America. It shows two things to me; One, it displayed amply he is a "not ready for primetime player" in politics. You never, never, NEVER diss a voting block, especially one as huge as middle-class anglo saxon America. Two, it reveals his own mistrust of Middle America, his possible own racial bias as we have heard in relation to his grandmother. So, if you take Senator Obama literally (as he has seemed to want people to take to him), if you cling to your religious beliefs for support in these trying times, you are bitter. If you are tired of the government not taking action against an invasion of illegal aliens, you are bitter and frustrated. If you own a gun to protect yourself against criminals who wish to do you and your family harm, you are bitter and frustrated. Well, Senator Obama, color me bitter and frustrated.

I thought, rather, I had HOPED Senator Obama was the new JFK. Instead, what we see is more of the George McGovern left wing Democratic Party aristocracy. Thanks to people like Senator Obama and the right wing radicals in the Republican Party, we have a nation divided against itself. We have a nation divided into blue states and red states. We have a nation that is indeed, to quote Senator Obama, "bitter and frustrated". If Senator Obama, Clinton and McClain want to find someone to blame for this situation, go look in the mirror.
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