A Bit of Gratuitous Self-promotion Here...

If you'll notice in the upper right hand corner of my blog, you'll see "Published on the Web!" You'll also see, just below that, is "Most Embarrassing Moments" (already posted here on my blog). It is my first attempt at publishing an article on the web. A company called Triond is starting to publish my articles at select sites to generate $$$. I don't know how successful or how much of a failure I will be.

Regardless, after years of procrastination and lack of confidence, I am boldly going where no one thought I would go before (ok, I'm somewhat a trekkie too, so sue me). In any case, if you had asked me a mere month ago I would be "blogging" or in contact with a company to post my memories, my thoughts and my rants, I'd say you had been dipping too much in the apple cider (only the baby boomers would understand that last one).

If you feel so inclined, please go there and either click "like it" or give your comments or do nothing. I'll thank you for the page impression in any case.

Gratuitous self-promotion...over. Have a nice evening.


You bet I'll check them out, David. How cool is that? Congrats, Man! I'll look for them.

Thanks Matt. That was my very first submission and they accepted it. I have no inkling if they have strict standards or just publishing everything submitted to them. Somewhere in between, hopefully.

Getting ready to buy me a beagle puppy this weekend. I think it was someone (your sister?) who told me in my blog entry "Buddy" you own a beagle. I owned one a long time ago. His name was "Mister". But, that's for another blog entry...or maybe Triond submission. :)

Congrats David! That's really cool. You have to be too too excited!

Yep..Matt's Beagle is Beasley. I was with him when he bought her. She is a living doll!!

You're so lucky, I love puppy dogs!!

Jewels! Long time, stranger. Glad to see you come back. I'm not real sure about Triond at this point. They give you so many different ways to make money off your work. But...well, I'm just in "wait and see" mode with them right now. I'm talking to another publisher (offline) about some things right now.

Looking forward to my little beagle puppy this weekend! He is 8 weeks old and has already had a rough life. Being the runt of a large (9 siblings), the breeder had considered euthanizing him because he thought he had something wrong with him. I told him I would pay him extra if he would take the puppy to the vet to get checked. As it turns out, the puppy was malnourished due to be pushing out for mama's teets. I'm going to get him on some solids and fatten him up!!! Now, I need to think of a name...

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