The Witches of East Tennessee

Today we are pleased to have Jeremiah Holkins guest posting on the Paranormal/Supernatural topic.  Mr. Holkins is originally from the eastern part of Tennessee.  He now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife of 5 years, Margie, his two sons, Bartlett, age 4 and Jackson, age 18 months.   A Structural Engineer,  Jeremiah works for the county's water works department, where he has been employed for the past six years.  A proud graduate of the University of Central Florida, Jeremiah is an active alum of the national chapter.  His hobbies consist of coaching junior league baseball teams,  fishing, boating, and doing small engine repair in his workshop.


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Back in 1998, I was all of 11 years old.  Like many kids that age, I felt I was invincible and I would live forever.  Nothing bad could ever happen to me, my family or any of my friends.  When you are that young, you think of one second to the next.  Nothing else matters but your having as much fun as you possibly can.  Damn the consequences, full speed ahead.  So, it was with that mindset that caused me to get in trouble which haunts me to this day in my boyhood home near Morristown, Tennessee.   You see, when you are a kid, you don't think much about danger.  I can't tell you how many times I wish I had just stayed home that hot July day in 1998.  I so wish I had just stayed home and canned peaches with my grandma like she had asked me to the previous night.  I loved my grandma.  I loved her as much or maybe even more than my own parents.  She was always taking my side in conflicts.  Grandma got me out of a many an ass whipping when I was a youngster.  But, summers fly by when you are young.  It will be time to go back to school before you know it.  So, off to the day's adventures I went.  Grandma saw me going out the back door.  "Jeremiah, didn't you tell Grandma you were going to stay here with me today and can them peaches?" Grandma asked.  "I'll stay tomorrow, Grandma.  Me, Mic and Vic are headed to the mountain to look for blackberries," I said (while knowing there were no blackberries there)"Okay, but you stay away from those damn witches and all those damn cats.  Some of them might have rabies," Grandma said.  I hated cats anyway.  So, that was no problem.

I knew exactly what she meant.  The Witch's Lair, as locals called it, was a ramshackle cabin all by itself out remotely near "The Mountain" as we fondly called it.  There were three women who lived there.  All three would rarely go into town.  Mostly, their shopping consisted of fruits and seasonings, spices, pickled pigs feet, just the usual stuff that witches need to cast their spells and so forth.   Well, that was the rumor that went around as the three women made their way around town.  You never saw them in or even within a mile of a church.  I noticed they would go out of their way to stay away.  That was enough to give one pause about this trio.  They all wore the same dark clothing even in the heat of July.  Every time I ever saw them, I never saw them sweat like everybody else in the heat of July.  During the winter months, they never came to town.  Don't ask me how they survived during Winter.  I have no idea.  Well, that's not exactly true.  If they were truly witches, I suppose they could find a way to make it through the harsh winters. Lots of people complained to the sheriff about these women.  But, Sheriff Lynch just up and told everybody as long as they obey the law, there's nothing he could do.  Furthermore, he said he felt everybody made much ado about nothing with these "witches" anyway.  They were just unusual and he stated he would have to lock up over half the people in the county if being unusual was the criteria.  If Sheriff Lynch was trying to placate folks, he failed miserably.

There were more pressing problems for the sheriff.  Like people just up and disappearing around town.  That was a problem that had been going on before Sheriff Lynch had even been elected.  The first unusual disappearance was when I was 6 years old.  Now, the witches had appeared in town about twice that long ago, according to my dad.  Things seemed to go downhill just a bit when the witches moved in that cabin just out of town.  Unemployment spiked upward, merchants went out of business and the pews at local churches were less filled than before.  It was just natural that folks would start accusing the witching trio of placing curses on the town.  No one had any idea why they would do such a thing (even if they could).   But, when you act differently, dress differently and look differently, people are going to make you the scapegoat.  My dad always said it was and is total nonsense since there was no such thing as a witch.  But, back to that first disappearance when I was six years old....that was Theodore Oneid, a man who had few friends and family.  In fact, my dad said Theodore could name all his friends on one finger and it was usually the middle finger that he would use to count.  Theodore was a man who was a creature of habit.  He would be among the first to be at the town cafe when it opened up at 6AM, Monday-Saturday.  He would linger around at the cafe until he figured he would walk across to the post office that was adjacent to the courthouse.  He'd pick up his mail and head on to the fruit market to pick up a few things.  He did this every day except on Sunday.  Oh, he wasn't a church going, man.  It was just the one cafe in town and of course, no delivery of mail on Sunday.

One day, Theodore got into a verbal altercation with one of the witches over God knows what.  It was a heated argument.  No one knew for sure which woman it was  (at the time) since they all three looked alike.  We didn't even know their names. They could have been sisters for all we knew.  They weren't exactly sociable, which made this argument with Theodore all the more unusual.  Whatever caused the argument is still subject to debate.  It might have been caused by Theodore's penchant for starting trouble.  He was well known for starting arguments over the most ridiculous things, my dad would later say.  The woman finally pointed her finger at Theodore, smiled and walked away.   The next morning, there was no Theodore at the cafe.  Nor the next morning or the next.  He has not been seen since that argument.  Perhaps he just up and left his home for other places.  But, most people let others know they are leaving.  Or at least take some of their belongings with them.  Of course, Sheriff Lynch investigated.  But, there was no evidence of wrongdoing.  Since that time, and for the next 5 years, at least eight more people disappeared.  Which brings me to my adventure that long ago day with Mickey and Vic.

Mic and Vic, as I liked to call them, were your traditional 11-year-old playmates.  You never have friends like the friends you have before you become a teen.  For the most part, you each go your separate ways in life.  That's just the way it is.  But, we all three vowed we would be friends for life.  No matter the circumstances, we would stick together as lifelong friends.  I think we all knew that was not likely to happen.  But, we decided if we could believe it, it could happen.  As I met up with Mic and Vic, we were trying to decide what to do on this hot July day.  Of course, Mic wanted to go down to the creek and spend the day.  Vic had other ideas.  Both boys had their own set of personalities.  Mic was the more practical of us all.  He never wanted trouble and would make up excuses not to go near the "Witch's Lair" as we were about to do this day.  Vic, on the other hand, was the daredevil.  You dare him to do something, he most likely would do it as long as you are willing to fork over money, candy or something else valuable to an 11-year-old boy.  Vic got teased a lot at school because of the birthmark on his forehead.  It looked like a crow had dive-bombed him with bird dropping after eating red berries.  The birthmark looked just like a red bird splatter on your car.  So, naturally, his nickname at school was "Bird Shit." "Hey, Bird Shit!  Why don't you wipe that crap off your forehead," the kids would say.  It hurt him deeply. He was ready to fight if called that.  It was something he had to live with, unfortunately.  Kids are said to be the cruelest of the cruel.  I have to agree with that.

We decided to live dangerously that day.  So, off to the Witch's Lair, we went.  The only thing about going there was that the witches had an "early warning system."   There were at least 50 stray cats living in and around that cabin on the mountain.  They see somebody, they started a chain reaction of meowing.  Our objective was to get some tomatoes out of their garden.  It wasn't that we loved tomatoes.  I could take them or leave them.  It was just knowing we had done something that would irritate the witching trio that lived in the cabin.  Others had done this before.  The witches could tell when something, even one tomato, was taken out of their garden.  They would complain to Sheriff Lynch all the time.  Sheriff Lynch would tell them he had better things to do than track down a tomato thief.  Sheriff Lynch noted whenever he was going to make a report, they would refuse to give their names to him.  That ended the police report right there.  This really pissed off the witches.  Of course, the witches knew it was kids stealing out of their garden.  But, there wasn't a helluva lot they could do.  Nobody liked them in town.

We knew the best way to avoid the cats was to follow the creek that flowed down behind their cabin.  We got to the cabin about 1 PM as I remember now.  We stayed in the bushes hidden so we could not be seen.  Suddenly,  the front door opened and out came two of the witches.  By the looks of things, two were going into town and the other was coming toward us with a bucket.  We were stunned.  What to do?  "Let's stay put.  Maybe she won't see us," whispered Vic.  We really had no choice.  All we could hope for was that the one single witch would be so occupied with getting water, she wouldn't notice us.  Thankfully, the bushes were thick.  We laid as low as we could.  She was filling up her water bucket.  But, as luck would have it, the damn cats started coming up behind her.  Now, we were in a helluva fix.  As if on cue, the cats started meowing.  Our attention was on the witch.  She still had not given any indication she saw us.  The witch had filled up the water bucket and was about to head back up the hill to the cabin.  The cats were going crazy with the meowing.  "I see them my treasures.  I see them.  Why don't you boys come out of the bushes and have a cool sip of water with me?  Hmmmm?" asked the witch!

Now discovered and knowing the jig was up, we all three slowly rose from the bushes that we thought had hidden our presence.   "We were just looking for blackberries.  That's all.  We weren't trying to scare you," Said Vic.  "Oh, you silly boys!  You think you can fool this old woman with that nonsense?  There are no blackberries along this creek or anywhere around this mountain.  We would have found them by now.  I want you to join me for a cool drink of water....in our cabin.  I won't accept no for an answer, dear children!," Said the giggling witch.  I was getting nervous.  So, time for me to speak up.  "Just the same, we need to be going.  Maybe some other time," I said.  So, I think Mic and Vic took my cue and we made a mad dash up the creek to get out of there.  I guess we had been running for about 5 seconds, maybe even less when we realized we weren't running away from the witch.  Instead, we found ourselves halfway up the hill....to the cabin!  The damn witch was laughing hysterically at us.  "What's wrong, boys?  Don't you know which way is toward your homes with mommy and daddy?  Hahahahahahaha!!!!!"  This damn witch was beside herself with glee.  We made another attempt to run up the creek toward our home.  We found ourselves within 50 feet of the cabin by doing so.  Don't ask me how she was able to do this.  I just knew one thing for certain now;  there were no more questions if these women were witches.  Vic, Mic and I knew they were witches.  And we were all in big, big trouble. 

We became resigned to our fate.  No telling what she was going to do to us now.  She might just escort us straight to hell for all we knew.  We slowly walked the remaining distance to her cabin.  There was no sense in running now.  I still don't know how she was able to make us change direction.  But, here we were at the steps leading to her front porch.  "Just go right on in the house, boys.  Don't look so glum, chums!  I just want to spend some time getting to know you children.  That's what neighbors do, right?  Hehehehe!" Said this she-devil from hell.  Vic opened the door and turned around to both Mic and me, "I'm sorry guys.  This is all my fault.  I should never have pushed toward coming here to get some damn tomatoes.  I'll get you guys out of this somehow, some way.  I promise," Said the remorseful Vic.  I almost felt sorry for Vic.  Almost.  He was the one always pressing us to come down to the Witch's Lair to steal tomatoes out of their garden.  But, he didn't put a gun to our heads and make us come.  We were all equally at fault for the predicament we presently found ourselves.  As we came into the cabin, it didn't seem anything out of the ordinary.  There were strange and pungent odors, to be sure.  The witch came in behind the three of us and closed the door.  At the time, I figured that would be the last time I see sunshine.  Now, that I could see her plainly, she appeared shorter than the other two.  She was at least six inches shorter, in fact.  But, this is the one who appeared meaner and the one Sheriff Lynch said was in an argument with Theodore Oneid,  She was always the one who walked as the lead when the witches came into town.  " Sit down, take a seat.  Rest your weary bones, boys," Said Shorty the Witch.  We all just looked at each other, not knowing what to do.  "I SAID SIT DOWN YOU LITTLE BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Screamed the witch.

We all collapsed into every available chair.  That's probably as close as I've come to shitting my pants since I was about a year old.  The witch stood looking at us with a bemused look on her face.  She was softly giggling like a little school girl.  I was scared.  But, now I was getting pissed off.  "If you are going to send us to hell, then do it.  Stop wasting our time.  Either do something to us or let us go!" I yelled at the old hag.   "Do something to you?  What gives you the idea I would or could do anything to you, dear boy?" the witch asked me.  "I just want to get to know you, to give you some cool, refreshing water from the creek.  Hehehehe....do something to you?  Dear child, you can leave anytime you desire.  Why you can leave now!" said the witch.   At that moment, we all three got up to go out the door.  As I went to grab the doorknob, I was stopped by some unseen force.  I was within about 3 inches of grasping the doorknob.  But, something prevented me from grabbing it.  Vic and Mic also tried.  But, they too were stopped.  This amused the witch even more.  "Hehehehehehe!!!  Now, I thought you boys wanted to leave this old, smelly cabin.  Guess not, huh?" Said the witch.  "Here's the deal, you dirty little shits!  My kindred spirits and I have had enough of you and others like you stealing from our garden.  We've had enough of the stares and looks we get from you local rubes every time we come into town.  It seems no matter what we do, we are treated like filth.  No matter how we punish you, you continue to make our lives miserable.  Well, it seems it is time for another punishment.  Maybe this one will make your local trash treat us better!," Said the now enraged witch.  I wasn't certain what she meant when she said they had punished townsfolks for their perceived slights toward them.  But, I know now.  "Two of you can leave without any form of punishment or harm coming to you.  But, one of you will have to stay behind to pay the piper for your friends and family insulting us.  The one left behind will pay the price.  Choose which one!  You don't have all day," Said the witch.

We were faced with an impossible proposition.  How do you send your friend to hell or whatever type of punishment this damn witch had in mind?  I decided it was time for me to speak up again. "Ma'am, we meant no disrespect to you or the other women here.  Please don't do anything to us because of what people in town have said or done to you.  We're just kids on a hot summer day wanting to have fun before school starts up in a couple of months.  Just let us all go and I promise you will never see any of us near your cabin again." I said.  The old witch looked at me quizzically as if surprised by my plea.  Looking back now, I did manage to put at least one complete sentence together that sounded sincere.  "Your name is Jeremiah, isn't it?  Yeah, I thought so.  Your mother must be one of those church-going hypocrites I see each Sunday in their cheap Sears-bought dresses.  Jeremiah....the so-called weeping prophet in the Bible.  Well, your mother isn't here and the Bible isn't going to help you now," Said the witch.  She grabbed me by my arm with amazing quickness and strength.  I couldn't believe how strong this little 4'10, maybe 90lbs (at most) woman could be.  I felt like I had my arm in a vise and someone was slowly twisting the screws at each end.  I started screaming.  It was as if she was deaf to my screams.  The old witch opened the door and yelled, "Get out while you still can, mommy's little shits!  Or you will suffer the same fate as Jeremiah!  Now GET!!!  Mic went flying out the door and toward the creek.  I couldn't blame him.  We were all scared to death.  But, Vic stayed behind, unwilling to leave me.  The witch slowly turned toward Vic, while releasing her grip on me just a bit to break away and stand with Vic to face her.  "So, do I have two to deal with now?" Said the witch.

Vic and I stood shoulder to shoulder facing her.  I started to speak up again when Vic told me to stop.  "It's all my fault that we're here today.  I have always pressured them to come pick tomatoes out of your garden because I thought it was funny.  If anyone should face punishment, it should be me.  I'm the reason and cause of all your problems in the garden.  And, yes, I'm one of those people in town who make fun of you and who laugh at you as you go from store to store like little rats.  I don't know why you suddenly chose Jeremiah on your own.  Maybe it's because he has a name in the Bible like you said.  But, let him go and I promise you won't have any problems from me like you will with him.  Jeremiah will fight you tooth and nail for whatever you have in mind for him.  So, let him go and let's get on with it.  I'm sick of you now.  So do what you are going to do," Said the bravest kid I ever met, Vic.  I started immediately protesting and screaming at Vic to leave, to let me deal with her.  The old witch was smiling from ear to ear upon listening to Vic.  "It appears I was a bit too hasty in my choice.  Yes, I think you will do.  I definitely think you will do. You!  Get the hell out before I change my mind!" Said the witch as she pointed her finger at me.  I wasn't going anywhere without Vic.  But, the old witch grabbed my arm again, opened the door and threw me (yes, threw me) out the door, clearing the front porch by a good five yards.  I came back to the door and was beating on it and screaming as loud as I could.  But, there was nothing but silence inside.  I decided the best thing for me to do, at that point, was to run into town and get Sheriff Lynch.

Mic had already gone to the sheriff.  I met both Mic and Sheriff Lynch coming out of his office.  Sheriff Lynch told us both to go sit in his office with Mrs. Howard (Sheriff Lynch's secretary and secret lover).  Our parents were on their way to pick us up.  Sheriff Lynch met the other two witches as they were on their way back to their cabin.  Sheriff Lynch put both in one of his deputies cars as they rode to the cabin.  Sheriff Lynch and his deputies searched all over the cabin and the surrounding area while all three witches were screaming about their rights being violated.  As I recall now, the sheriff didn't need a subpoena if he had a reasonable suspicion a crime was about to be committed or had been committed upon a child under 12 years old.  The little short witch, the one that had confronted us, told the sheriff she had not seen any of those three little bastards all day.  Sheriff Lynch knew she was lying.  He knew we wouldn't make up a wild story like Mic had told him without some semblance of truth being involved.  The sheriff was able to hold all three because he found quite a few marijuana plants in her basement and in the far end of her property.  It was enough there to make arrests for distribution.  They not only were evil but drug pushers as well. Sheriff Lynch didn't yet have enough to charge them for the disappearance of Vic.  But, he was still trying.   All three were able to make bail on the MJ charges.  But, they all never made their court appearance as required.  They were never seen or heard from again.  They wound up on some posters in post offices throughout the South.  But, no trace of them was ever found after skipping bail.  The only thing that could be connected to the witches were those dozens of cats they left behind.   But, it wasn't them that myself and everybody in town was concerned about.  It was Vic.

The old cabin was torn down and the basement completely unearthed by heavy equipment.  Cadaver dogs were brought in to sniff out the entire basement and the surrounding area.  Nothing was found.  Absolutely nothing.  There was no way she could have gotten rid of Vic that quickly.  Well, maybe a witch could do it.  Maybe she took Vic to hell.  It's hard to imagine a scenario like that.  But, no one has heard from Vic.  It's as if he vanished from the face of the earth.  I'd like to think that someday I will get a call on my cell phone and Vic telling me that it's him, after all these years.  I'm still waiting on that call.  I'd like to say Vic's parents were still waiting on that call.  But, both parents died sooner than they should have.  I don't think I will ever get that call.  There's a good reason I feel that way.

After law enforcement authorities gathered all the evidence they could from the cabin, the question arose as what to do with all the cats that still made their home near where the cabin once stood.  The animal shelter tried to adopt the cats out.  But, there were no takers.  Nobody wanted any part of those cats that belonged to those witches.  When the day came to capture all the cats, Mic and I went to the Witch's Lair cabin to watch the animal shelter employees cast nets at the cats, set traps and cajole them with food.  Those cats had gone completely feral by that time.  They would all have to be put down.  There was one gray and white cat that they had caught in a net that was giving them hell.  Mic and I looked at each other and started screaming at them to let the gray and white cat go.  They put the gray and white cat, snarling and hissing, in a cage all by himself.  I remember crying, pleading with them to let that one cat go.  They told us we needed to go see a child psychologist and pushed us away.  That one gray and white cat was still hissing and sticking his paws out the cage toward us as we ran after the animal shelter truck.  We were still screaming at the animal control truck to please stop,  as it took all those cats to their ultimate fate at the animal shelter.  The gray and white cat, we so desperately pleaded be released........had a reddish bird shit splatter on top of his head.

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Something Incredible - September 27, 2055

Today we are pleased to present Daniel E. (Daniel has requested his last name be omitted) as our guest poster on the Paranormal/Supernatural topic.  Daniel is a former police officer of a medium-sized town in the Northwest of the USA.  He is on total disability due to a freak accident while on/off duty.  At age 53, Daniel is the father of two sons, ages 27 and 25.  R***, his wife of 29 years, works as a records specialist at the police department where Daniel once worked. A 22-year law enforcement veteran, Daniel still occasionally helps out the PD in a reserve role whenever he feels physically capable.  His hobbies consist of writing, collecting stamps, giving speeches to schools on avoiding drugs, and still dabbles in helping solve crime in his community on a part-time basis.  Daniel and his wife have two rescue dogs named Sarge and Cap.

[Editor's Note:]  As a rule, we don't usually omit last names of guest posters per our guest posting policy.  However, I believe once you read this story, you may understand why the above guest poster requested anonymity (or what passes for it in today's world).  This story was rejected once by the former blog owner, JD Weldy back in December of 2014 and four times by myself and other staff members since that time.  The entire story just seemed too bizarre and unreal.  We requested several edits and some semblance of clarity from Daniel E.  He refused our edits as he feels the story is too important to leave out any parts of it. Therefore, we submit this story in its entirety.  You, the reader, can be the judge and jury of this story and what it could mean.  I, for one, don't believe any part of it.  I only allow this story to be published because fellow staffers persuaded me to do so. - ALSO, this is an extremely long story.  Just a heads-up to you [Charlotte Hensley, Senior Staff Editor]

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Even with my last name omitted, I realize it wouldn't take a phi beta kappa to figure out who I am and where I live.  I provided too much information for it not to happen eventually.  As a former police detective, I could find you within an hour just with the information provided above. Be that as it may, I could not provide my full name because I was told not to do so.  I will discuss more on that later (or maybe not).  But, for right now, just accept I am about to provide a story that 98-99% of the people reading will dismiss out of hand.  They will say it is the rantings of a disturbed mind and someone who ranted and raved at the owners of this site until they relented to publish my story.  My hope, my sincere wish is that of the potential 1% who will at least give my story a chance, I hope some will think there is a morsel of truth of what I am about to reveal. Depending upon your age, your grandchildren and/or great-grandchildren are the ones you need to think about.  My story centers around a recurring dream I had since about July of 2004. It did not occur every night.  But, I did have it on a weekly basis. That dream continued until November of 2014 and then suddenly stopped.  Within one week of the dream stopping, I had an unexpected "visitor" as I sat in my den alone one Saturday night on a cold November night.  But, first, let me begin my story in earnest...

I had been narcotics officer for about three years when the accident happened.  It was a post I had worked toward ever since I first started patrolling the streets as a rookie.  It was late January 2004 when I decided to take a break from a raid we had been planning of a local drug lord.  We had been working to take this guy out for at least six months.  We were within a week of finally having enough to arrest him and charge him with numerous drug-related violations thanks to an informant. Wanting to get away from the job for an hour,  I decided to forego going to lunch with my partner to just sit in the park on such a nice day.  It was unseasonably warm as I remember now.  There were just a few dark clouds hovering overhead.  But, there had been no forecast of rain or any type of violent weather for that day.  None.  So, I was sitting on a park bench, eating my sandwich and drinking my one vice, diet coke.  I loved the stuff.  Now, I can't stand to even think about drinking it.  So, I decided to share a few of the peanuts I had for dessert with the ubiquitous park pigeons.  I remember throwing to one pigeon off to himself who didn't join the usual gang.  He seemed a bit out of place thinking back now. His coloring was lighter than it should have been.  I remember throwing him a couple of peanuts.  And, that was the absolute last thing I remember.

The next thing I remember, I was in the ER of a local hospital.  I couldn't figure out where I was for a couple of minutes.  I kept smelling burnt rubber like someone was burning tires.  I tried to speak, but there was nothing coming from my mouth.  I tried to mouth words, but I couldn't do it.  I remember being overwhelmingly thirsty and that got me to talking.  I asked a nurse, who was trying to insert an IV into my right hand, what happened to me?  She said I had been struck by lightning.  That didn't even register with me for a moment.  Lightning?  Who the hell even gets struck my lightning?  Lightning??? On a predominantly sunny day with only a smattering of clouds?  I was totally, completely flabbergasted.  I didn't believe it.  It just didn't seem possible that such a totally freak thing could happen to me.  I told the nurse she must have me confused with someone else.  She said, "You're the only one to come in today that was struck by lightning.  I think I have the right lightning rod" said the annoyed nurse.  "You're lucky to even be alive.  Your shoe soles melted, the pants burned up to your knees and you have 2nd-degree burns around your neck and jaw," said the nurse.  That would explain the sudden pain I felt in my neck and soreness of my jaw.  The only good news was that it was not a direct strike.  There is a 99.999% chance that would have been fatal.  Instead. it was a side flash with a nearby oak tree bearing the brunt of the strike.  My recovery was slow, but steady once I left the hospital.

Unfortunately, I started having blackouts that would last sometimes for up to 20 seconds.  Doctors of every description could not locate the cause.  There were sufficient blood and oxygen going to my brain (or what wasn't fried by the lightning strike).    All the MRIs and CAT scans could not find any specific area that could be causing the blackouts.  Unfortunately, there was no way to predict when I would have these blackouts.  They could come at least once a week.  But, sometimes, I would have as many as three in one day.  That meant I could no longer drive,  I also had to take immediate retirement from the PD as well (at a reduced retirement rate, that shouldn't have been the case, but I won't get into that since it still is in litigation).  It meant that my wife would have to work longer than she had planned.  But, the worst part of this entire ordeal was not so much the physical pain, which was terrible in its own right.  But, it was the feeling of dread whenever I woke up from a night's sleep.  That was another change in me.  I used to be a very light sleeper.  Frequently, I would not sleep over 3 hours a day for days.  But, not now.  I slept solid, nothing woke me up.  Not even my wife's light snoring would wake me up.  But, I woke up feeling as though something had happened to me during the night.  I felt exhausted after about 8-9 hours sleep each night.  I told my doctors about it.  They, of course, said it had to do with my body experiencing such a traumatic event as the lightning strike.  I didn't feel that way.  I felt as if I not only was dreaming but that I was taking an active part in the dream itself! The dream.  I could not remember what they were about for the first few months after the strike in January.  That was exasperating to me.  In July, I woke up remembering what the dream was about.  That changed my whole life, even more than the lightning strike.

The dream was always the same, except for some minor deviations.  Sometimes, the dream would take place at night.  Most of the time it was in daylight hours.  There were two main themes in these dreams.   One, September 27, 2055.  I saw that date constantly.  Sometimes I saw it on papers that were in the hands of people. Other times that date flashed from futuristic looking billboards.  Sometimes it was a voice that I heard repeating that date constantly during the dreams (which would last all night).  I remember saying (in the dream), "What is so significant about this date"? What is going to happen"? I would ask.  Then, the answer came and this was the second theme of the dream, "Something Incredible."  Something incredible was echoed throughout the dream.  September 27, 2055. was likewise as well.  In these dreams, I would ask questions of people, people who acknowledged my presence and interacted with me.  They all would simply smile and say, "Something incredible."  All the people I ever interacted with, including those I did not interact, acted as if they were drugged.  Everyone seemed to be happy.  They had smiles on their faces.  No one seemed to be sick, disabled, depressed or sad.  Everything was clean and everyone walked with a purpose in life.  It was as if they had all been given $10 million dollars a piece to do with as they please.  The date of September 27, 2055, had not been reached as yet.  I was not sure of the date of the dreams.  But, everyone seemed eager for that date to roll around on the calendar.  Why?  These dreams continued for over ten years.  Yes, I said ten years.   I was worn out after these dreams.  So, I would often stay in bed contemplating what these dreams could mean.

I went to several psychologists.  I was even hypnotized.  But,  nothing was helping me.  After ten years of this, I was at the point of madness.  The only good thing was that these dreams did not occur each night.  I was quite thankful for that.  But, even when I did not have this dream, I would have the dream in my mind.  It was all I could think about.  Something was going to happen to Earth on September 27, 2055, and it would be something incredible.  Incredible in what way though?  The people seemed as if they had been programmed to think the date would be something grandiose, something that they would not be able to resist.  I was at the point in my life where I was carefully considering suicide.  This dream was affecting my relationships with my wife, my entire family and what few friends I had remaining.  I decided I would wait until my wife would leave to visit her sister.  I refused to go along due to the conflict between myself and my sister in law.  We just never got along, even before the lightning strike accident.  On that cold Saturday night in November 2014, I had been drinking heavily.  I had one brief blackout that morning.  I couldn't take that any longer either.  So, with my wife gone and my courage spiked with whiskey, I had my S&W .357 in my right hand, my whiskey bottle in my left.  I had enough in my life insurance so that my wife would want for nothing in life.  I decided her life and everyone else would be better off without me.  So, as I sat in my darkened den, with Mozart playing in the background, I put the gun to my right temple and was about to pull the trigger when I heard in a loud voice, "Put down the weapon, Daniel."

***[I want to make clear, the following exchange is best of my recollection with the conversation I had with "The Visitor" as I refer to him.  I ad-lib some below, but not much.  I believe I got the meat of the conversation, regardless....Daniel E.]

Even though I was in a drunken stupor, that voice caused me to jump up out of my easy chair.  I knew I was all alone....or so I had thought.  I dropped my whiskey bottle, but held on to my gun.  Across from me, on the couch, I could see the outline of a man sittingI knew that no one had come in through either the front or back door.  We have a sliding glass door leading to the patio from the den.  I could tell it had not been opened.  There were alarms on each window.  So, in my mind, I was completely alone.  But, I could see now, I was not alone, not in the least.  I pointed the gun at the dark figure sitting on the couch near the patio.  "Who are you?  How did you get into my home," I asked.  At first, nothing was said from the dark figure.  "Why don't you take your seat again, Daniel?  We have much to discuss.  We have a relatively short time in which to accomplish all that needs to be done tonight.  I assure you, you are in not in any imminent danger whatsoever.  As for how I got into your domicile undetected, that is of little importance.  There are much more significant and pressing issues we must talk about, Daniel," said the dark figure.  I looked at the man, the dark figure, and was shocked at how relaxed and unconcerned he appeared to be.  I had a .357 pointed at him.  I might as well have had a water pistol pointed at him for as concerned as he appeared to be.  "The only thing we are going to discuss is you doing a spread eagle on my floor and wait there until police arrive to arrest you.  Now, get out of the chair slowly and get down to your knees.  No sudden moves or I will shoot you," I said to the dark figure.  I remember he let out a long "sigh."  "We simply don't have time for this, Daniel.  Therefore...," said the dark figure.  My gun disappeared right in front of my eyes. 

Now, I was frightened.  My .357 just completely vanished in front me while I was holding it.  The Visitor (as I will now refer to him) did not move a muscle, nor did he say anything.  "Did....did you do that?  You need to leave my house!  Now!," I screamed at the Visitor.  Again, The Visitor remained motionless in the darkened corner of my den.  "I will take leave of your domicile once I have accomplished my mission.  I find you tiresome, I find your primitive style of verbal communication and your entire civilization a bore. The sooner we get started, the sooner I can leave.  But, I cannot leave until I bring forth to you all that I need to.  Now, shall we get started, Daniel?" The Visitor asked me.  I said nothing.  I was basically in shock, even more shocked than when I was from the lightning strike.  "Good.  To begin, you are not the only of your species to get this information tonight.  At this very moment, all over this planet, there is someone from my planet addressing certain members of the Human Race.  In fact, there are over 5,000 representatives speaking to pre-selected members of your species just as I am with you.  We tried to be synchronized as much as possible.  But, like me, I'm sure there are others who are having problems.  I understand there are 195 countries on your planet.  We are addressing people in 187 countries. The other 8 were so primitive, even more so than the rest of the nations, that we decided it would be a waste of time and resources.  You see, Daniel, your planet is running out of time.  You have approximately 40 of your Earth years, by which you measure time, to prepare for something cataclysmic," The Visitor said.  "Before you go any further, you have got to tell me who you are.  I'm not convinced you are not insane right now, "I said.  "Of course.  I was getting to that portion of the discussion.  Think of me as a concerned interplanetary visitor who wants to help your planet prepare for something you cannot comprehend right now.  I am from a planet in a galaxy that you refer to as the Andromeda Galaxy."

"I realize your mind cannot conceive of someone being from that far away.  If your civilization ever discovers how to bend space and time, you will be amazed how simple travel to the far reaches of the Universe can be.  You may refer to my planet as "M+1."  The proper name and pronunciation would be more than you could understand.  You can refer to my race or classification as "The M."  This is as simplistic as I can make it for you.  But, it is not my race that you need to fear.  We are here to help you as much as we can or as much as we are allowed.  We have been on this planet, which you refer to as Earth, since your 15th Century began.  You are only now to the point that we feel you may be able to save yourself from "something incredible."  The Dreams you have had since the unfortunate incident have been our way to prepare you for this moment.  The dreams have been to prepare you for The L.  You must under....  "Let me guess, The L is more complicated than I can comprehend," I asked.  I was getting pissed off about now.  "There is no need to be offended, Daniel.  Please forgive me if I appear...condescending to you?  That is not my intent.  My intention is to inform you and prepare you for something incredible, which I am relatively sure you are finding tiresome.  I'll put this in as sim...or in as concise terms as possible.  The dreams you have been having are a prelude that will start about the year 2040, some 15 years before September 27, 2055.  Sometime in 2040, you will find that diseases that were thought incurable, are suddenly starting to disappear.  The international acrimony that has put your planet on a path to annihilation, all start to dissolve as well.  This will not happen all in 2040.  That would be too obvious.  It will be a slow, but steady cessation of life-threatening diseases that could harm humans.  All mental and physical disabilities will start to correct themselves, as if magically, from the 2040 to 2055 time period.  In short, by the year 2055, all diseases, all impurities in humans throughout the world will be eradicated.  There is more I must share, but I'm certain you have some questions now," said The Visitor

I didn't know what to make of this man (if that term was even accurate) and what he was telling me.  I was trying to think of a way to escape out of my own home and notify police there was a madman in my home.  But, if he can make that gun disappear as quickly as he did, he can most certainly make himself disappear as well.  Maybe even me.  I had no choice but to continue this entire discussion with him.  "Were The L here at the start of the 15th Century as well?" I asked.  "No, The L have been here since your species crawled up from your oceans.  Like us, The L have no concept of time.  While 500 years may seem like an eternity to mortals such as you, it is a flicker of a star to us.  The L are a patient species and were willing to wait.  They have had, what you would refer to as androids, on this planet since the very beginning of this world as I have already stated.  They have a reason for this," said The Visitor.  "And what reason would that be?  What could we possibly have that beings as advanced as The L would want?  I mean, we are primitive in comparison.  I get that now.  So, what benefit do they see in us?" I asked.  The Visitor remained silent for a couple of minutes.  He didn't move which unnerved me.  I was about to speak up again when The Visitor spoke.  "What I'm about to say will not go over well with you.  But, I have to tell you.  The L are what you may refer to as intergalactic gatherers.  They send out incredibly large numbers of ships with inorganic beings or androids to you, in the first wave.  If they find a planet, such as Earth, that has resources and large numbers of beings, these androids relay that message back to whatever planet The L have taken over at the time.  They have nearly wiped out every habitable planet in the Andromeda Galaxy, as incomprehensible as that may seem.  It is now time for your Milky Way galaxy.  They are relentless and completely void of compassion.  To them, inhabitants they find on a planet are of as much consequence as you stepping on an insect. Do not expect anything resembling emotion from these beings" said The Visitor. 

I sat in horror and astonishment as I stared at The Visitor.  Approximately one hour prior, I was within a couple of seconds of ending my life.  Now, I am sitting in my chair, trembling for the human race.  I didn't know what to make of this man and his story.   On one hand, I found his story plausible.  I'm not sure why.  But, I felt he was telling me the truth.  But, what was in it for him and his planet?  I had to find out.  I had to ask him something else for which I feared what the answer would be.  "So, why are you here warning us of The L?  Why travel this great distance unless you plan on helping us battle The L?" I asked.  "Very good questions, Daniel.  I congratulate you.  To answer your first question;  we are warning every habitable planet for which we have the resources to commit.  The earlier a planet and its people have to prepare, the better chance that planet and inhabitants have to, at least, cause The L great cost in robbing a planet of its resources....and people.  Your second question; we will give you the tools necessary of information you need to fight The L.  The first battle is making people on Earth recognize what is happening to them before the year 2040.  The year 2055 will be too late.  Placing my story in small venues of communication with the hope it transcends into larger platforms is the hope and desire to get people prepared for The L   You will not be alone.  There will be other people joining you, Daniel.  Right here in your country and in 188 other countries there are people being informed.  You must not fail.  You cannot fail.  If you fail in getting my message out, then preparation will be too late after 2040.  The L will be planting the seeds of your destruction in your water, food, and pharmaceutical supplies to name just three methods.  By September 27, 2055, every human and animal on Earth will be cleansed of all impurities," Said The Visitor.  As I pondered all The Visitor had told me, I had a couple of more questions to ask.  "Did The L attack your planet?  Obviously, your people defeated them, right?" I asked.

Once again, The Visitor let out a long sigh.  I remember thinking for a guy that's not human, he certainly has human characteristics down pat.   But, what does a primitive ape like me know?  That's about what I was to this person or whatever he is.  "You don't defeat a race of beings that can replicate non-organic beings in the trillions within 24 hours to use another one of your time measurements.  The L themselves consist of perhaps 15 to 20 billion organic beings.  But, they are a highly advanced society, one that has lost all concept of morality with their continued evolution.  But, despite their great intellect, they did not have the foresight to conserve natural resources for their own home planet, which they vacated approximately 220,000 years ago.  They now populate themselves and non-organic beings all over the Andromeda Galaxy, much to our alarm.  To answer your question....NO...we did not defeat The L.  You cannot defeat a civilization such as this.  You can only do as I said to you and the rest of the inhabitants of this planet must do; make life as costly as possible for The L. We did this and it took 13 Earth years to finally force them to leave our planet and solar system. We did so at great cost to us and our planet.  Start the fight now.  They are not easy to spot and are well disguised.  They both (organic and non-organic) are unable to tolerate a certain plant that we introduced in Asia centuries ago. You can use it in both a spray and in food for them.  Yes, they do eat, unfortunately.  Both the organic and non-organic are here in preparation.  They are making plans for transport of your natural resources with undetectable space pods that are in orbit around the planet Saturn in your Solar System.  But, it is not only your natural resources The L want.  They want humans as well as your minerals, plant life, water and anything else they find of value," said The Visitor.

I now had to ask the question I had been thinking of and dreaded asking.  "I understand they want Earth's natural resources.  But, why us?  Why do they want human beings?" I asked.   For the first time, The Visitor leaned forward into the light given off from a nearby lamp. I could see him clearly now.  He reminded me a lot of the late actor Gary Cooper.  Maybe these beings can change form whenever they wanted.  Maybe he knew that I thoroughly loved Gary Cooper movies.   "They consider members of your race, the human beings race, as part of Earth's natural resources.  Unlike minerals, vegetation and other resources, they consider humans as food.....food to be processed so that you are digestible to them. On September 27, 2055, the boarding of space transports will begin on earth to transport members of the human race who will happily walk right into a space pod with no return trip.  Now, do you understand why I say you must get this message out to the billions of inhabitants of this planet and respective governments?  Your very existence is at stake.  You must start the fight now.  In 2040, the introduction of a substance that is totally beyond your comprehension will start the process of wiping out all diseases, mutants and other impurities in your race.  It will be a worldwide human cleansing of which there is no comparison.  By 2055, the process will be nearly complete. On September 27, 2055 humans will be walking aboard the transports with smiles on their faces, not knowing what awaits them....or even care.  There will be no resistance from the drug-induced human population as all your natural resources....and your people are launched into space for production purposes.  All this will take place without one futile weapon being fired.  What The L feared most, the nuclear weapons, will already be disabled at the insistence of The L.   No one on Earth will resist them at this point.  The fight begins now.  You must wake your people up," Said The Visitor. 

I sat in complete and utter astonishment of what The Visitor had just said to me.  I was thinking that humans would be loaded and taken to be used as forced labor in some manner.  I could not have been more wrong.  In much the manner we use antibiotics for cattle to cleanse them of disease, so too will The L do this to the human race.   We both sat there in the darkened den of my home, staring at each other.  It was one of the few times in my life I was at a loss for words.  What do you say to a being, who has come into your home undetected, who has told you the human race is about to be nothing more than cattle at a Texas slaughterhouse?  "I...I don't know what to say to this.  I don't even know where to begin to do all you have suggested I do," I said.  "As I said, Daniel, you are not alone tonight.  There are others, right here in your own country, and around the world getting this message right now.  At this very moment I am certain they are amazed, shocked and perhaps, even skeptical.  But, you cannot afford to be skeptical, and shocked for very long.  You have work to do and it begins with a plant that I can't name to you," The Visitor explained.  "Well, why on earth can't you at least give me the name of the plant, the same plant that you said you introduced into the ecosystem of Earth?  That makes no sense to me,  None!!!" I roared at him.  "I can understand your anger, Daniel.  But, I must tell you that I've already said more to help you than I was told.  I can't explain to you why we are taking a basically hands-off approach to your fight against The L.  I wish I could explain it.  But, just know this....the plant grows almost exclusively in the southeastern part of your country, the United States.  It grows along your transportation system of roads, highways, and interstates.  Take this plant, put it in your food, your water and ingest as much as possible.  The L absolutely will not survive if they ingest the plant either by spray or by eating it directly or as a byproduct of processed food.....human food.  This plant needs to be in the food chain of every human being on earth.  There will be millions, if not billions of you who will be processed by The L.  We suffered greatly also.  But, you can at least make them leave Earth relatively quickly if you do all I have said. Your biggest problem, right now, is to convince a skeptical public.  That includes the people who are reading this information right now" Said The Visitor.

I was numb.  I was just speechless and, yes, I was greatly skeptical.  "You have every reason to be skeptical, Daniel.  But, with each passing second there is no preparation for 2040, when The L start introducing their chemical substance into your lives, it will be even more difficult, if not impossible, to stop The L.   The other people who have been given this information will be in contact with you directly in a manner you do not expect.  How that happens, is not important.  But, again Daniel, you are not alone in this endeavor," said The Visitor.   "You will never see me again, Daniel.  I wish there was more I could say or do.  But, our reasons for not taking a direct approach in this upcoming conflict are valid and to your own benefit.  Your very survival as the human race depends on stopping The L.  You can't defeat them.  But, your species is capable of stopping them, albeit at great cost. I'm confident of that now.  There are other planets where we must now go. We must try to help them as much as we can.  I wish you the very best, Daniel.  I wish Earth the very best in their fight.  And make no mistake about it, it most definitely is a fight for survival."  With that said, The Visitor vanished as abruptly as my .357 did.  I wanted to ask him if he was responsible for the lightning strike and why.  But, he left before I could ask.

You, the reader, must decide if this story should be shared throughout the digital world.  It has taken me 2 1/2 years to just get this story published here on this blog.  I now have a promise of 2 more small blogs who will publish this story.  I am hopeful it will spread to bigger and more powerful venues of information and the readers that follow. That's basically the story, ladies and gentlemen.  Yes, I have been contacted by others who were visited by their own "Visitor" on the same night as I had mine.  They all got the exact same story.  We all made contact by strange coincidences (wrong phone numbers, texts, I even drove directly to a house in another state, as if guided by an internal GPS, to someone who has been "visited.")  We are all working together, 27 of us just here in the United States, to prepare for The L.  We are in contact with others in 188 other countries as well.  We have a network and are expanding.  We are preparing to fight and do as "The Visitors" have told us in how to fight The L.   Sure, we have disagreements.  Sometimes we have disagreements that threaten our very unity in this fight.  We even have questions about our respective "Visitors" that special night.  Could we even trust them as being authentic?  But, we are all in agreement on one thing.............


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Time Slips - More Stories

A 1930s  photo...is that a cell phone in her hand?
 And who is she talking to?

This will be a bit of a departure from our usual fare of guest posting.  Our staff has discovered there is immense interest in "time slips."  Our one post on time slips has garnered just over 70K in reader hits.  That is amazing.  It has been averaging 700 hits a day since February 3.  We are not sure what caused such a sudden spike.  But, even prior to this sudden spike, we were averaging over 125 hits a day.  It is just astounding  So, what to do?  Myself, along with Charlotte Hensley and several other staff members got together and decided to make another post on this subject.  We have decided that the former owner of this blog (David Weldy) hit on a subject he had no idea would be so popular.  So, we have looked and searched for more stories on this subject that you will find below.  Even with this post, we will be adding more posts from individuals who have experienced a "time slip" or has knowledge of someone who did.  Finding new stories on the internet has been difficult, if not impossible.  So, we have gone offline in our search.  We have peered through books at various libraries.  We will continue on this subject that has such interest.  Guest posting will continue.  So, do not fear about that ending.

Before we get started, let's define what a "time slip" is.  Briefly, time slips occur when time (now) interlocks with a previous time (then).  It can only be experienced by the person in the current time (now).  This event is usually unnoticed by people in the earlier time (then).  However, if you will notice in the stories in the previous time slips, this is not always true.  In fact, from research, we have found that both past and present intermingle quite frequently.  Be that as it may, we will post what stories we can find and what we deem plausible.  We hope you enjoy!  Also, we don't do this often, but it would help this site greatly if you would visit our advertisers on the right.  Thank you!

Nancy Danley, Staff Editor, David's Musings


Scratching out a living in west Texas can be hard, it can be a harsh way to live.  But, many do so without much consideration of living elsewhere.  One such person was Leonard Morely.  Lenny had lived on this ranch for his entire life, having inherited it from his father.  On a particularly hot day in August of 1959, Leonard sat on the front porch with his wife waiting for the kitchen to cool down before they ate dinner.  "I had just asked my wife what she had cooked for dinner when I heard a deep, low growl from the west side of the house.  I was thinking it was Rodeo, our English Bulldog," Said Leonard.    "My wife pointed to Rodeo laying under the big oak tree for relief from the heat.  Besides, this growl was deeper and much more powerful sounding than Rodeo," Leonard stated.  As Leonard got up to see what was on the side of his house, his dog saw something and immediately ran toward it barking as if he had seen the devil himself.  "I got down the steps just in time to see the most amazing sight of my entire life.  I saw some kind of small dinosaur-looking critter.  It was growling, hissing and slashing at Rodeo.  I estimate it was about 4 feet tall.  I screamed at it and it started to turn and run, but not before it took one final slash at Rodeo," Leonard said.  Leonard said that the creature caught his dog with a huge middle claw on his right foot, catching Rodeo around his jaw.  Then the creature vanished before his eyes, Leonard said.  "I took Rodeo to the vet, but the poor soul bled to death before I got him there. I told Sheriff's deputies what I saw, they then laughed at me and told me to stop drinking that moonshine.  No one believed me, except for one guy from Oklahoma University."  The professor from Oklahoma University sent Leonard several drawings of small dinosaurs. After going through dozens of drawings, Leonard picked out the Velociraptor from the drawings presented to him.

In 1974 Savannah, Georgia, Donald Andersen had begun to take the long, winding, dirt road to his home on a cold November night.  He had gotten off work late from the post office where he worked.  The Christmas rush had gotten an early start for the post office in Savannah.  Donald was about half-way through his trip when he saw a man, about a quarter of a mile from him, waving frantically at him.  Thankfully, it was a half-moon and Donald was able to see him in time with the headlights from his car on full beam.  "I stopped about ten feet from him.  I was a bit wary of someone out in the middle of this dirt road with no car in sight," Said Donald. "Do you not know there is a total blackout in effect?  Do you work for the Nazis, you fool?" said the hysterically waving man.   Donald was now beside himself with pure astonishment.  Donald quizzed him about his name, where he was from and what was he doing out on a dirt road, late at night. "My name is Arthur Thomas, for your information.  I am Civil Defense Director for the Southern Coast of this country.  We are at war with Nazi Germany, dear sir.  You were driving after the curfew for this area with your headlights on.  Just last week, a Nazi submarine was spotted 30 miles off the coast here," said the man.  Donald decided the man was insane.  He was thinking it was still WWII. "I had made up my mind to take this man back into town to get medical treatment.  He was even wearing an old navy blue pinstripe suit from back in the day.  I had seen pictures of my father wearing suits just like that during the early 40s," said Donald.  Donald Andersen noticed the man was wearing an armband that even had "Civil Defense Corps" emblazoned prominently on his left arm.  "I told him not to worry about the damn Nazis, they are all most likely dead by now or in an old folks home with it being almost 30 years since the end of the war," Donald stated.  Donald Andersen said there was a look of utter confusion on the man's face.  The man looked at Donald and asked, "What....what are you talking about? The war for the U.S. started just last December. I  don't...." and with that, the man disappeared as suddenly as he had appeared in the dark, cold November night.

Rose Oden enjoyed her evening walks around her neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  It was 1985 and it was still considered safe to do such things for a woman in her early 30s.  Rose had just taken a high-pressure managerial job with a large accounting firm in town.  So, to relieve some of the stress, she would take a walk from her home with her German Shepard, Blackie. On a Friday evening, prior to dinner, Rose and Blackie set out for their evening walk. As they turned down toward a wooded area of town, still in her neighborhood, Blackie started growling and whining.  "I thought he was hurt or had fallen ill.  He seemed to be very agitated and nervous," said Rose Oden.  "I continued my walk with Blackie when a bright flash, that momentarily blinded me, occurred directly in front of us.  I was the one who was now agitated and nervous.  In front of me, out of the thin air, was a woman in a plain blue cotton dress with ruffled sleeves.  She seemed genuinely as frightened as I was," Said Rose.  The woman seemed to be too frightened to even speak, as she continued to look around in obvious confusion.  "Where am I?  What happened to my family?  Please tell me!", said the woman in the blue cotton dress.  Rose assured her she was in no danger, that she was as confused as the woman was.  "I was preparing dinner for my husband and children and now I find myself here.  Where am I?" asked the woman.  "I told her I had no idea how she got here or what had happened to her family.  As we were talking and trying to figure out what had happened, a huge TWA 747 jet airliner flew over us from the airport, probably headed to Dallas," said Rose.  The woman screamed in fear, asking what is that?  Rose stated, "I told her it was nothing to be afraid of as it was a jet airliner most likely headed to Dallas, Texas. "What year is it?" the woman asked. Rose told her it was 1985 and she was in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I asked her where she came from.  "I am from Camden, New Jersey in the year of our Lord, 1934," said the very distraught and, by now, hysterical woman.  "I didn't know what to say to this poor soul.  She had been plucked out of some kind of time warp and placed into a different time and area.  I was about to tell her perhaps we should go into town to seek assistance when she blinked out in another bright flash of light, again, momentarily blinding me.  Where she went from that point on, I have no idea.  I do hope it was back to her family in 1934 Camden, New Jersey," said Rose.

Claire and Heidi Barlow (identical twins) of Hannibal, Missouri were having a great time swimming at a deep, cool creek in the summer of 1951.  They both enjoyed each others company.  The summer ahead was going to one of fun and adventure as they headed toward the 9th grade in the fall.  Both girls were enjoying diving off the pier that someone had built years ago.  Claire had said she had seen something shiny behind her when she jumped off the pier just a few minutes prior.  Heidi reportedly said, "Maybe you been in the sun a bit too much, Claire.  Let's both cool off at the big shade tree."  As Heidi said that, the large flash had come back and enveloped Claire.  "I started screaming my sister's name and crying my heart out.  Claire had completely disappeared before my very eyes.  I took off running to the house to tell everyone that Claire was gone," Said Heidi.  "My dad came running to the creek with his shotgun.  I was trying to tell him that something had surrounded Claire and she just vanished.  But, he was too busy screaming for Claire to listen to me," Heidi said.    The father was about to turn and go get the sheriff when, before both the father and Heidi, Claire reappeared with the large flash.  "I ran to Claire hugging her, asking what had happened to her.  But, she was almost motionless as if in shock," Said Heidi.  After a couple of hours, Claire told both Heidi and their father that she believed she had been in some place in England.  She described the people as smelling horrible, it was dirty and she got the distinct impression that it was in the Middle Ages judging by what she learned in world history class.  She saw 3 men with wooden wheelbarrows filled with dead people.  Claire estimated she was there for approximately 15 minutes.  During that time she got many curious looks (being that she was in her bathing suit) and one woman asked where she was from.  Claire said she was too frightened to even answer the woman. No one approached her as she stood with people passing all around her.  Claire never got a chance to share her experience with classmates that fall when school started back.  Claire Barlow fell ill shortly after this experience and died with the Bubonic Plague two weeks later.

Harvey Millstone of Carlisle, Iowa needed a tractor. He was a farmer and like all farmers, if you don't have a working tractor, then you will be on the street soon as the bank comes to foreclose on your farm.  In 1997, things were tough for farmers, just as they were every year.  But, money was really tight at the Millstone household.  Harvey dipped into his emergency funds to buy a good used tractor for tilling soil that year.  He had made contact with all his friends and family about anyone possibly selling a tractor.  No one had given him any hope of finding one.  One morning, Harvey had to take his son to the doctor in Clive.  On the way there, Harvey noticed a tractor out in the front yard of this really nice looking house advertising the tractor was for sale.  "I told my son that the doctor was going to have to check him out real quick because I wanted to get back to check out that tractor," Harvey said.  As luck would have it, the doctor was able to get his son in and out of the office in less than 30 minutes.  So both father and son headed back to that house with the tractor for sale.  They got to the little single lane bridge just before you get to that house when they noticed something peculiar.  "The house wasn't even there.  No house, no tractor, no foundation, no nothing left behind as if it had been moved or anything to tell you a house was ever there," Said Harvey.  "I had been wanting a tractor pretty bad.  But, not bad enough to imagine seeing one for sale.  Hell, my son saw it too.  So, it was not our imagination," Harvey said.  Harvey said he stopped at a gas station about two miles down from where he thought he had seen the house and tractor for sale.  He was told by the gas station owner there had not been a house on that land for about 20 years or so. Harvey was politely told the heat might be getting to him.  "We decided to keep our mouths shut about what we had seen once we got home.  But, both my son and I know what we saw that day. And I'll go to my grave saying that damn house, with the tractor for sale, was there that morning," said Harvey.

Of course, time slips are unsubstantiated by science.  Perhaps time interlocks in some way so that people from the past momentarily appear at the present time.  Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking have both said time travel is theoretically possible.  But, unfortunately, or perhaps, even more so, fortunately, we don't have the science to achieve such an endeavor.  Tampering with the past, if even possible, would unleash unknown havoc on the world.  Most people if told they could travel back in time said they would kill Adolf Hitler if possible.  As noteworthy and momentous as that would be, we don't know what forces would be unleashed with the premature death of Hitler.  Perhaps there would be no consequences at all.  But, do you really want to chance that?  Regardless, time slips is an interesting theory that many believe has happened over the years.  We gathered the information on these stories through various resources, including people who gave first-hand information of time slips happening to them.  We got more stories than we bargained for when we started our research. Not all of them passed the "smell test."  You might argue the five stories above don't pass that test either.  But, we had to select five and these are the five we found both plausible and fascinating.  We intend to add more in the future.

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Evil in My House

Today we are pleased to present Darvin Carmichaels as our guest poster on the Paranormal/Supernatural topic.  Darvin works as a handyman or jack of all trades (specializing in plumbing) in the Texas Panhandle area.  A widower,  Darvin has one 14-year-old daughter who is the light of his life.  Like most Texans, Darvin is an avid hunter, fisherman, and lover of the great outdoors of Texas.  He has a vocational Associates Degree in Plumbing and another in Carpentry.   He enjoys church activities and spending time with his family.  In his spare time, he also likes to tinker around with his Harley Sportster.

Editor's Note Again, this is another long story.  Much longer than even the last one, An Ominous Presence. 

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My story begins when my wife's life had come to an end.  Sarah had fought a 2 year battle with breast cancer.  It was and is the most painful episode of my entire life.  Sarah was greatly loved and no one loved her more than me and our daughter, Grace.  Grace was only 8 years old when the diagnosis came back that her mom had cancer.  She had no real concept of death and what it means.  She understood that her mom was leaving us 18 months later when doctors told us she only had a 10% chance to survive another 6 months.  Sarah lasted those 6 months, albeit, not without a painful, slow death.  We were all devastated.  Surprisingly, Grace did not seem as upset as I thought she would be. "Mom is only going to Heaven and I'll join her someday, Dad.  She told me she would be waiting on me" said my daughter.  I could not respond to that.  I just choked up and told her we would all join mom someday.  Grace seemed puzzled by all the wailing and crying as I remember.  But, that isn't what this story is about.

When we all came back from my wife's funeral, my mother came up to me to give me comfort over this ordeal.  Little Grace seemed remarkably calm.  Too calm, in fact.  I was about to go to her when my mother motioned me over to a corner of the house, away from the crowd who were eating from the catered food trays and carrying on muted conversations.   I should say my mother was a devoutly Christian woman.  Her faith was unshakeable.  She was that way until her own death a few years later.  "Remember, Darvin, evil comes into your life when you are at your weakest and most vulnerable. The Devil never relents!  He comes when you are at the weakest point in your life.  Be prepared, son," my mother said to me.  At the time, I thought it was strange my mother would say such a thing to me, considering what had just taken place.  I just chalked it up to the stress that we were all under.

My most immediate concern was my daughter, Grace.  She had me worried with her surprising calm demeanor throughout this entire lengthy ordeal.  She was now all of 10 years old.  I still thought she wasn't really aware of what had happened to her mother.  It's easy to say "Mom is in Heaven now, the place you will see her someday."  But, to a child, that has no bearing on the here and now or anything that they can comprehend.  I talked to Grace, asking her if she was okay and could I do anything for her. "Dad, I'm fine.  Why is everybody asking me if I'm okay?  I'm fine.  I love my mom and always will," Grace replied. I noticed her use of love in the present tense as if her mom was still alive.  I didn't say anything about that at the time.  I just found it a bit odd. and decided not to push her on this.  I decided to start looking for a child psychologist.  But, I knew I had to hide it from my mother.  She had no use for psychologists of any kind.

Three months after my wife's funeral, things seemed to be returning to a somewhat normal routine.  Of course, I had to have someone pick up Grace from school and stay with her until I came home at night.  Sometimes, depending on the job, I might not get home until about 8 at night.  But, those were rare in my line of work.  I work for myself and set my own hours.  But, one night, I did come home late, about 9 PM as I recall.  I always tried to get home before Grace had her bath.  But, my daughter was already in bed by the time I came in to let my parents go home. Mother told me to check in on Grace from time to time during the night.  I asked her why, and she just shrugged her shoulders.  "Grace said she was hearing noises from the closet in her bedroom.  You know how kids are, Darvin," my mother remarked to me.  But, it was the way she looked at me that made me apprehensive.  After they left, I went in to check on Grace.  She was fast asleep.  As I turned to leave I did hear something move in the bedroom closet.  Thinking one of the many toys of my daughter had fallen from its high perch, I opened the closet to check on things.  It was dark, but the nightlight did shed some light to the closet.  There was nothing unusual that I could see.  But, for some reason, I felt just a little uneasy.  So, I left the door to Grace's bedroom fully open, something she did not like.

I went to bed and almost immediately started having a nightmare.  I dreamed something was after Grace, something dark and sinister wanted to possess her.  I don't remember all the details.  But, the fact it was about my daughter made me wake up suddenly and in a cold sweat.   I got up to go to her room and noticed her door was shut closed.  I don't remember Grace ever getting up during the night.  I turned the knob to open, but the door seemed locked from the inside.  I had removed all locks from the doors in my house because I didn't want it preventing me from getting inside to either my late wife or my daughter. I pushed against it, shoved it for about 30 seconds or so.  I was about to call to Grace when the door just opened by itself.  Puzzled by this, I went into the room to find Grace was still sleeping soundly.  I was upset about the door.  It should have opened immediately.  I was confused about that and was thinking I needed to either shave the inner door jam or replace the door completely.  It was during this moment of contemplating about the door that I heard a low, but audible "snicker" come from the closet.  The snicker or muffled laugh was distinct but seemed evil to me.  It made the hairs on the back of my neck rise up in alarm.  I quickly opened the door....and found nothing ordinary again.  I wasn't satisfied this time.  I got my little pocket flashlight from my bedroom (all the while trying to be as quiet as possible due to my sleeping daughter) and examined the closet.  Grace had so many stuffed animals, dolls until you could barely push the door shut.  I saw something that caught my attention. Most of her dolls had needles sticking in their eyes.

I was upset at the finding of my daughter's dolls with needles sticking out of their eyes, to say the least.  Now, I was officially concerned about the mental well-being of Grace.  When I got up the next morning, I asked Grace about the dolls with the needles and where did she get so many needles in the first place?   Grace looked dumbfounded. "Daddy, I don't know what you are talking about," Grace replied.  "Oh, you don't know what I'm talking about, Grace?  Well, let's go take a look in the closet" I said.  I opened the closet for Grace and to my complete surprise, there was not one needle sticking in even one eye of any of her dolls.  This was an awkward moment for me in front of my little girl. Grace looked up at me with a confused look on her face.  "What needles, daddy?" she asked.  "I...I guess daddy was just confused in the dark last night, sweetheart.  I thought sure you had put needles in the eyes of all your dolls," I said to Grace.  I quickly changed the subject and told her to go wash up for breakfast.  I know what I saw.  There is no way she could have gone back and pulled out the needles in each doll without me hearing her rambling around in her room.

A couple of days later, I was sitting at my kitchen table going over my accounts receivable in my books when I heard Grace talking in her room.  This was nothing out of the ordinary since Grace frequently talked to her dolls.  But, this seemed unusual.  She seemed almost happy and she appeared to be engaged in a two-way conversation.  I had to get up to find out about this. I opened her door and noticed her smiling at her bedroom window.  She had not even noticed I was standing in the doorway.  "Okay, I'll be sure to tell him what you said.  Where will we go, mommy?" Grace said.  When she said "mommy" I got a big lump in my throat.  "Grace, who are you talking to," I asked.  I must have surprised her because she seemed genuinely shocked. "I was talking to mommy, daddy.  She told me we need to leave this house now," Grace said.  There was an emphasis on "now."  I was just a little perturbed by this.  "Grace, we have gone over this before.  Mommy is in heaven and she isn't here any longer.  I know you are just a little girl.  But, you need to accept this, sweetheart," I told her.  "Daddy, I talk to her every day!  And she is worried about us.  There is something wrong in the house, daddy.  Something bad is here," Grace said.  Now, I stood up and looked at her.  My initial reaction of concern had grown to full-blown worry of a parent.  Outside of what I thought were needles sticking in the eyes of her dolls, I had not noticed anything out of the norm in our home.  I decided to play along with Grace as best I could.  "What did mommy say is wrong with the house, Grace," I asked.  At first, she said nothing and just looked down at the floor.  "Something evil, daddy.  Something very evil," she said.  I was taken aback.  I didn't think Grace even understood the difference between good and evil.

But, before I left Grace's bedroom, I did smell a familiar scent...jasmine and rose.   That was Sarah's favorite perfume and to smell it, made me miss her even more.  I saw no point in asking Grace if she smelled it.  I was afraid of what she might say.  So, I chalked it up to maybe Grace getting in her mother's perfume.  Again, I was not going to ask her.  Unnerved, I called my mother and asked her if she used that perfume.  She said no, she did not.  Of course, she knew that was Sarah's perfume.  Mother then made the unusual request that I bring Grace to stay with her for a while.  I asked her why and she gave me no real reason to satisfy my curiosity.  "Something is there, Darvin.  I know Grace senses it.  Please bring her to stay with us for a while.  I could have Pastor Welch over to bless the house," my mother said.  Of course, I felt she was overreacting.  But, I did feel those sounds in the closet was a bit too much.  So, I took everything out of the closet.  Dolls, teddy bears, tea sets, old sweaters, just about everything one can imagine.  I pulled them out and went into the walk-in closet.  There was a faint odor...a faint odor of feces.  I sprayed a deodorant in there that seemed to take away the smell.  We did have a little Chihuahua named Tootsie.  She had trouble controlling her bowels in the last few weeks of her life.  But, Tootsie died about six months before Sarah.  I just had the feeling something wasn't right in the house.  Maybe my mother was right, there is something wrong here.  But, I just didn't feel it was something supernatural at the time.  I decided to ask Pastor Welch over for lunch on a Saturday with the express purpose of having him bless our home again.  It proved to be the catalyst of which nightmares are made.

Not long after Pastor Welch left, I again went to the kitchen table to work on my books.  I kept coming up short in Accounts Receivable and was trying to make sure a customer had not short-changed me.  As I pored over my books, I heard a loud THUMP come from the hallway.   Puzzled, I got up and went down the hallway.  Nothing appeared out of the ordinary....except that faint smell again of feces.  I was all alone since Grace was spending the day with my parents so I could spend time with the pastor and my aforementioned accounting books.  I looked everywhere for the source of the odor.  It seemed to be coming from Grace's bedroom.  It was a bit chilly in her room, I noticed.  I checked the thermostat to see it was still set at 72 degrees.  I opened the closet door to discover, once again, needles sticking out of the eyes of every doll and teddy bear in that closet.  I was horrified.  There was no darkness playing tricks on me since it was just after 4 PM.   How could this be happening?  As if on cue, I heard the muffled "snicker" from the closet again.  I started flinging dolls, toys, and clothes out of her closet like a mad man.  I was furious now.  "Who is this?  What do you want?" I asked to the now empty closet.  There was a very pregnant pause and then I heard the answer in a whisper, "omnia."

Omnia.  What did it mean?  What had taken over my daughter's bedroom? I heard nothing else from the closet, despite my continued questions of what do you want.  Omnia.  I put all the dolls, teddy bears (which, once again, the needles had disappeared) and toys in my daughter's closet.  I decided to ask my mother to keep Grace overnight.  Of course, my mother wanted to know if anything was wrong.  Despite trying to convince her otherwise, she knew I was upset about something.  I told her not to worry, I was just fine.  After hanging up, I decided to eat something out of the fridge.  I was thinking about what I had found from doing a Google search on omnia.  I was not sure of the spelling at first.  But, I found out it was Latin for "all" or "everything."  What could that even mean?  I had to assume this was some kind of evil spirit that had taken up residence in my home.  My mother's warning the day of Sarah's funeral rang in my head.  I had to think whatever it was, it wanted "all" and "everything."  Maybe it means what it says....it wants our very souls.   I remember my mother saying the devil wants "everything" from you, which means he wants your very soul.  I was now officially spooked and that's not easy for me to come by.  Very little has ever scared me.  Well, except, being alone at night.  And that is what was going to happen that particular night.

I remember I decided to turn in early.  9 PM is early for me since I usually stay up to around midnight most nights.  I decided to sleep with the hallway light on that night.  I had always hidden my fear of the dark to both Sarah and Grace.  But, my mother knew my fear.  After tossing and turning for 30 minutes, I sat up in bed.  It was going to be a long night for me.  I looked around my dark room and suddenly, I missed Sarah so very much.  I missed her laugh, her smile and her ability to always put me in my place.  As I was reminiscing about my late wife, the hallway light went out by itself.  Puzzled, I got up to investigate.   The bulb was not that old...maybe 2 months at most.  Hehehehe....another snicker from Grace's bedroom.  I was furious, I swung open the closet door in the bedroom to find, once again, the needles in eyes of every doll and teddy bear in there.  "Who are you, you sonofabitch?  You are good at scaring my little girl.  Let's see how you act with a man," I screamed at the closet.  The room was filled with my labored breathing from my white hot anger.  No answer.  Nothing.  And then....Quid est, cultor crucis? Exterrita? hahaha, came the reply.  "SPEAK ENGLISH YOU BASTARD," I screamed at the entity.  Then this evil being complied with my request...."What is wrong, cross worshipper? Scared?  Hahaha!"  I have been very angry many times in my life.  One time, a man whistled at Sarah coming out of a beauty salon and I went for him before Sarah stopped me.  I was angry then.  But, I was super hot with anger now.

I had never been really the religious type except for the last few months of Sarah's life.  But, now, I was so beside myself with fury and anger, I forgot all that Sarah and my mother had tried to instill in me.  I cussed this thing with words I will not type here in this story.  And the more I cussed, the more it laughed.  Finally, I said the one thing this evil entity did not want to hear...."JESUS CHRIST, IS MY LORD AND SAVOR!!!  FORGIVE ME!  FORGIVE THIS EVIL BEING IF POSSIBLE!!!" I screamed.  Then, I was slapped down to the floor.  I have been hit hard before.  I had played Division I college football before a broken leg ended my career as a freshman.  I took some vicious hits as a linebacker.  But, nothing like that.  I could see white stars in the dark room.  I tried to get up, only to get knocked down again.  I tried to grab whatever was holding me down but it was like trying to grab hold of an anaconda snake.  This evil entity then grabbed me by the throat and was choking me.  I'm a strong man, even if I do say so myself.  But, I was like a child compared to this thing.  It was choking the life out of me.  I couldn't get it off of me.  I hit it, but how do you hurt something you can't even see or hold?  I felt myself starting to slip away, slip off to unconsciousness.  I thought of my daughter, Grace, and her being alone without either of her parents.  And, I thought of Sarah, Sarah, Sarah....

I awoke to sunlight in my face.  The sun was rising and I immediately realized I survived to see another sunrise.  I must have laid out on that floor, unconscious, for at least 6 hours?  That didn't seem possible.  I have no earthly idea how I managed to stay out that long.  But, as I struggled to get up, all the dolls and teddy bears were lined up in 3 rows in front of me.  All the needles were gone, once again.  But, they were lined up as if they were some kind of army protecting me.  I was thinking my mind was playing tricks on me.  But, then I realized, that the events of last night were not a trick or my imagination.  I smelled jasmine and rose once again.  I put my hands to my face and cried, I had a long, drawn-out cry.  I don't know how long I cried.  But, it was something I had been needing to do for a long time.  Sarah was an angel.  I used to tell her that all the time when she was alive.  Last night, she must have proved me right.  It was the only explanation as to why I was not dead that morning.  I always said I would be there for Sarah, through thick and thin.  She showed me that she would do the same for me.  Even in death, Sarah came through for me when I needed her most.  I never had another encounter with the evil entity.  I suspect it moved on to more suitable hosts or, most likely, back to the depths of hell where it belonged.

I don't expect most, who read this story, to believe me.  That is their right.  But, I know it's true.  And it happened when there was no danger to Grace being in her bedroom.  That was definitely a plan.  It had to be.  Sarah would never allow anything happen to her daughter or the man she loved.  It was a plan to rid our house of the evil that had taken hold in my daughter's closet. Sarah is with Grace and me even now in spirit. Sarah proved her love for us could overcome the great wall of death.  That's how it happened. That's how my story ends.

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